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Old Log
A bit depressing but also encouraging since I’ve done this all before, again and again. But I’ve never had such a HUGE break from lifting like this.

NROLW, I was reunited with the book from waaaaaay back when, so starting back to basics. The “no-nonsense & no overthinking” program . But have to make compromises on the equipment. Using a gym at my complex.

Squats - 10 lb DB (some BW)
Seated Rows - IDK
Push-ups - Some sort of resemblance of a push
(forgot the last 2 exercises)

Ok, so yesterday was just trying to get used to everything again. I needed to look around at what equipment I can actually use for these exercises. Quads have the good sore today.

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Yay! A new log! Very exciting. Good to see you back!

I’m only counting these first 2 sessions as practice, not towards the 18 WO. Having fun:

DB DL - 40lb
DB press - 16lb
Rear Lunge - 16lb
Sw Ball Crunch
W lat pull down - @35

Facepull because I was waiting for the lat pulldown. I hit the gym just before that elusive and tenuous time before I’m hours away of TOM, where I feel very focused. Doesn’t always happen when I need it to.

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Hey my first 4th of July in a long time. Kind of over did it.

Back to the grind:
12 x 2
Squats - 20 lb DB
Face pulls (equipment issues)
15x2 step ups
12 prone jackknife

Found an old pic for some inspiration

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I’m not sure what happened to my post yesterday but it was something like this…

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12 x 2
Squats - 26 lb DB
Seated rows ? can’t remember 2nd thing
Push-ups (I have to go down, wrist hurts so having to do push ups on my knuckles which isn’t fun)
15x2 step ups
20 prone jackknife

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From personal experience (karate back in the day), I can tell you push ups on knuckles over time can make your fingers look fairly knarly. Fingertips are better if you can do them.

If your gym has those TRX strap things that are so popular now, you can grip those. Another possibility is it might have the pushup handlebar thingies.

Consistency is the key. Good luck!

welcome back!

After the reverse crunches gave myself some ART inside the hip flexors while straightening the leg.
I do like the fact that I can squeeze my shoulders better when using DBs for DLs.

Thanks, I hope I don’t have to do it for very long. Not even sure what happened to the wrist because I don’t think it was from exercise.
I would need to build up the fingers to even be able to take 0.0001% of my BW.

But I’ll scout around the gym see if I can’t come up with something like you are suggesting, handlebars would be great actually.


Back once again for the renegade master…maybe that should’ve been my song.
3rd or 4th time back, I can’t keep up over the years.

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Was supposed to go for a few lengths, dam TOM is back! I hope I’m not starting the whole menopause thing! I’ve been regular as a atomic clock before I hit double digits.

And I’m not sure how well that Amniofix injection in the hip helped, kind of bugging me again. It’s stopped hurting as much but then again I’ve been cycling instead of walking, and we moved away from any hills.

Getting better insurance coverage soon tho, so might go back to my fav osteo-acupuncturist.

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