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Get TRT on 1st Dr Visit or 2nd?


I've been reading a lot of these threads, and it seems some people have their doctors tell them to come back in a few months, and others just get TRT their first doctor visit. Is it just random or is something determining it?

I've been taking medication for chronic pain (opioids reduce T) so I'm getting my T levels checked since I've been having issues IRL. So my other question is, if it does show I have low T, and opioids just simply being the cause, would I get TRT instantly? Also, the blood work script is just for testosterone checks and I noticed people in these threads have thyroid and other hormones being checked, is that a problem?


I would recommend getting the all labs done first and scheduling a follow-up appointment ASAP after the first one. To launch into TRT without knowing your levels could be like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. Plus, once you see how your doc reads and reacts to the numbers will speak volumes regarding his level of knowledge in this area. Good luck.


.... i got my results back, is this the lowest number ever?
testosterone, serum 69 348-1197 ng/dL

69 is normal for women and im a guy...


What were your other values? Yup its pretty low.


i dont have any other values. i just asked my pain doc for a test check, and thats all he gave me.


Ok, so do you just want an "atta boy" for the lowest T score on the site? Not much else we can do to help you if you aren't willing to get the proper bloodwork.


my question is clearly stated in the first post. im wondering with such a low value would i instantly receive TRT or have to get more blood work and/or just wait awhile for continued test results?


You're worrying about the wrong question...this is the one you need to be focusing on:

The answer is: yes. The fact that your bloodwork script is only for testosterone and doesn't check for any of the other values is a problem. That is why it is in the REQUIRED bloodwork category.