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Get Toned Arms Like THESE!


I mean, just LOOK at the results!!!




Google "michelle obama toned arms". People really think she is "buff" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL




WTF is wrong with people?! BTW that looks like brachioplasty to me.




and I thought Michelle Obama was black....




As seen on CNN... hahaha
Yeah, let's post ever established TV channel Michelle Obama has appeared on.

And those arms are white.

Also, my spell check mechanism is telling me to replace "Obama" with "Alabama." Spell check, Obama is now our president and you've gotta learn to spell his name. You can spell Ronald Regan without flipping a shit.


Well, the add does say like Michelle Obama... it does not say these are her arm.


Where's the ad for legs like Christine? You're looking great.


Why don't they just say "loose 15 pounds of fat on this diet!"


Who cares about legs when you can have TONED ARMS??!


Thanks... but you should see my arms!


Whoa! You have ARMS, too?


LaBuff needs to chime in on this thread. He will have much knowledge for all of you.

Ladies, listen to me. In order to achieve Michelle Obama-like arms, you have to be willing to put in LOTS of work in the gym. We are talking about minutes and minutes in the gym, once or sometimes twice a week. Not more than twice though, otherwise you will get too big and start to look like a man, and nobody will be attracted to you.

As far as your diet, I don't recommend eating much. If you eat too much, you will get FAT and nobody will be attracted to you.

LaBuff recommends uses the egg and pizza diet. I am going to try this myself. Skipping dinner is also a good idea. Occasional vomiting of meals is also not a bad idea, but you should use this sparingly.


haha, this thread is funny!

whished i could get toned arms like this...
My opponents would be scared to death.


TC had a thread about these arms a while back, one of the funniest ever, about taking his dog to obtain a sperm sample. The lady vet had one very ripped forearm and the other arm was normal. Maybe Michelle is whacking off their new mutt. Barack probably has jealousy issues.


Urge to destroy the world rising...