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Get This Strong


The raping the squat thread reminded me of this website that is one of the most ridiculous marketing tricks I have ever seen, enjoy.



wow that is pretty bad…


yep, just about as much rom as that gatordouche kid on the leg press.


[quote]yusef wrote:
This guy must have done the program

Haha that is some ridiculous shit! Has a “No working” order from the govt. so he doesn’t “accidentally kill people” at work. MUST have sex with his 4 wives 15x per day. Drinks MELTED BUTTER! All because of a special “vein in the spine”. I need to go get me a spine vein implant.


Ah, so Pete Sisco is back. Good! I can start ignoring him again. Looks the he’s brought his son in to help fleece the people.


Most of the senior citizens that trained at my old gym on the leg press used very limited ROM. It was effective because it let them load their musculature with very minimal risk. So if Pete is marketing it to the seniors crowd, it might not be that bad (doing partials and static holds) rather than being sedentary.


HawaiiMike, you on oahu by any chance? looking for a solid training partner for the summer.