Get the Pump!!!!

Ok, so I get this magazine today called “Get the Pump”. Included is a letter to me telling me that this is the last thing I will ever need to read about “getting big”. Whatever I say, I open it up and (big surprise) it’s like a 180 page version of the “4-Page Special Reports” in Muscle & Fiction. I page through, laughing at all the BS, and then I get to the funniest thing I have ever seen in regards to nutrition, King Kamali’s meal plan. I shit you not this is what Meal #3 is to THE WORD:

1 McDonald’s Big Mac combo
1 Filet-O-Fish
1 Quarter Pounder with cheese
Large French Fries
2 apple pies

Now, not 3 inches away in BIG ASS FUCKING LETTERS it says:
“If you eat garbage, you’re going to end up looking like garbage. Eat like a champion to look like a champion.” So which is Mr. Kamali doing when he sucks down about 5000 calories of turds in one sitting at McDonalds? Just thought this was kind of ironic.


McDonald’s is the food of champions! I think that maybe I would get a pump by pumping my stomach if I ate that much shit.