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Get Swole with Goals

So here is my current setup
Pull/push/legs /rest day or repeat.

In February I will be planning on totalling around 1600 raw in the 198 class maybe 1700 in the 220. We will see. Depends on the knees. Also I’m going to compete in Tampa classic. I have 3 goals for the next 8 months.

That’s a problem I see with alot of people who use gear. They don’t have goals. Long term goals are the look like a gorilla big back big legs strong shoulders and arms. Also I want to pull 900 raw. I’m about 270lbs away from that. Goals when planning gear use you need clear goals. They will help you with what’s actually important when it comes to training. And will make sure that your diet is working on it’s part.

End rant.


You are 100% correct. Keep up the good work. When and where is the Tampa Classic being held?
I should know this as I live in Tampa, but training at home til first of year and then back to Powerhouse.