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hey there, already had a log going, but its over a year old so im looking to start fresh

for the last 2 months ive been doing an upper lower split definitely focused on strength

stats in november- BW 205, squat 320, dead 475, ohp 140x5, pullups 20, btn pushpress, 190x3, front squat 225

stats now- BW 230, squat 381, dead 484x5, ohp 160x5x5, pullups 17, btn pushpress 225x5, front squat 215x5

current split is upper monday/thursday, lower tuesday/friday and im going to add in a extra day on saturday

in the next 14 weeks id like to hit these goals
squat 440, dead 525x5, ohp 180x5x5, btn pp 255x5, front squat 300+

ill post all workouts and occasional days eating

oh all i use for equipment is oly shoes and chalk

thought your name said cumzy at first

after driving 12 hours monday and 6 hours tuesday, this is yesterdays workout


squat, built to 381x1, then 265x20 both high bar pr’s
front squat 3x5- skipped it
dead, 484x5 recent pr
RDLs 2x20 155

rear flyz 10s x100 rest paused

This isn’t the place for your log. Start a new one or just update your old one.

ok black angus

ok well anyone that checked out this feel free to comment on, give advice or read my log

army powerlifting, aiming for 1350


[quote]curnzy wrote:
ok black angus[/quote]

I like this guy.