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Get Stronger w/ Madcow on a Cut?


As it says on the tin.

I'm in the middle of a cut but I like to train 3 times a week and I want to be strong aswell as cut and I don't want to do anything like a BB routine.

Anybody got a link to the total body training or something?

Where you have 5x5 first day, 2nd day 3x15 and the last day is something like 3x8?

I can't remember where to find the link, please help thanks.


I think you're doing too many things at once. Pick a goal. Achieve it. Pick another goal.


I've got my goal:

Gain Strength
Drop Fat
Get fast.

I know you can gain strength while on a cut... I am just generally wondering if Madcow is going to be good enough for it.


I'm no mathematician, but i count that to be 3 goals?


Haha to some degree, but overall it's one goal - Primary = Fat loss, if I do 5x5 strength would come with it? And cardio which adds onto speed and conditioning, so surely it all comes together and adds all up?


Cardio adds onto conditioning, but not speed. You add to speed by building explosive strength and training to accelerate faster via deadlifts, speed deadlifts, prowler pushes, etc.

There's no reason you can't maintain or even add a little strength while on a cut, but we're not going to do all the work for you...as in, "hey guys, here's my goals...find me a program!"


See Jim's "Sample conditioning workout"



Yeah you can gain strength doing a strength program on a cut.


When most people cut they do the same program that they did when they were bulking. why do you want to switch programs?


But I don't think that's the best program for your current situation.

By prioritizing and focusing all your efforts on one of those three goals for the short-term, you'll get further faster.

So, it's fine to have fat loss as your number one goal, and of course want to preserve muscle/strength and build it whenever possible, but just be clear that you are really talking about three distinct goals - dropping fat, gaining strength, and increasing speed - even though there will be some carryover between them.

Like lemonman said, one idea is to stick with the lifting program that's been working already and tweak your cardio and nutrition to boost fat loss. So I'd say stick to lifting mostly in the 4-6 rep range and fine-tune your cardio/diet as needed.

And on that note, I'm headed over to your other thread, about cardio training, to see what's what over there. (This is one of the problems with having multiple threads discussing individual aspects of your plan. They're really inter-related issues. Just sayin'.)


Yeah I know about the Goals, I was hoping they will probably overlap one another anyway, depending on training right.

And yeah, my diet is currently 2200 on training days and about 1800 off days, cut my carbs down rapidly.

And on my cardio, yeah I should have really put that in here, my bad.

Thanks for the help man.& Everyone else.