Get Stronger or Die Trying


L/P/P - Day 2 of 3 - April 13 2016

  1. Bench Press
    75kg x 5
    80kg x 4
    85kg x 3
    87.5kg x 2
    90kg x 1
    95kg x 1
    100kg x 1

  2. Standing OHP
    45kg x 8
    45kg x 8

  3. Dips
    BW x 8
    BW x 8

Bench press moved so easy I was tempted to go for a PR (102.5kg+) but I resisted the urge. In saying that, if memory serves correct, the 102.5kg PR was paused. It’s good I didn’t push it because my elbow started playing up a little bit again by the time I got to doing dips. I’ll have to remember to use my knee sleeves on my arms during push workouts, it seems to help.

L/P/P - Day 3 of 3 - April 15 2016

  1. Deadlift
    130kg x 5
    135kg x 4
    140kg x 3
    150kg x 2
    160kg x 1
    170kg x 1
    180kg x 1

  2. Barbell Rows
    80kg x 8
    80kg x 8

  3. Chins
    BW x 8
    BW x 8

I’ve had a few “bad” diet days. Maybe I am destined to be a bigger guy. I just find it so hard to diet. When I count calories it’s even harder. If I eat below 3500 calories a day I feel like I’m starving. Probably full of worms or have some type of problem where I can’t absorb food properly lol.

My back’s feeling good now so I decided to stick with conventional deadlift today and try to tidy up my form. The rep sets looked good, and I hit 180kg x 1 which was my 2015 1RM which is recorded below. It was the ugliest of all reps today, but it was heavy so form broke down. It looks like my hips shoot up a early but I do a better job than usual of not rounding my back.