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Get Stronger Legs


I want to get stronger legs and I like the westside idea but I don't really care much right now about the bench press so is there a way to use more exercises for the legs to take place of the bench workout. If there is please explain.


Just squat heavier and more often for stronger legs, 2 times a week. Keep benching and working your upper body.

A balanced body is strongest.


If you like westside style why would you change it? The method works just fine the way it is. Train your whole body, just put your emphasis on your legs. Max effort and a speed day or max effort and a repetition effort day(WSFSB). Try doing a unilateral movement for your legs after your bilateral movement.


Trust me, if you stick to westside and keep squatting heavy twice a week, you wil lsee some serious gains, i know i did


If you are planning to neglect your upper body in favour of your lower body, then the above posters are right when they suggest you re-think your game plan. However, if you are planning to maintain your current level of upper body strength while prioritizing your legs, that's another story altogether. If it is the latter then you might consider looking at a Smolov Squat cycle. There is a good calculator for this routine online to help set up your sets for the program.