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Get Strong or Die Tryin'


Warm up
Foam Rolling
Shoulder/hip mobility
Clean complex
BW squats/ lunges

135x 5
135x 5
225x 3
275x 3
315x 3
365x 3
405x 3
430x 3
460x 3

BW Pull & chins
5x 5 pull ups
4x 5 chins (last set only 3)

Chest Supported Rows
3x 12-15

Two rounds of barbell Curls and two sets hammer curls
8-12 reps (like it matters)

Ground based abs ( ten exercises)


had a quick overhead workout yesterday. DB seated shoulder press, pull aparts, facepulls. Not much

Did some single leg training today.

after some foam rolling and quick dynamic warm up I worked some pistol squats. They are not great but getting better I can struggle through a set of 6. Followed by some single leg bench squats worked about 90 degrees. Pushed the sled for 4-40’s and 4 sled drags.


I just started working at this new health club about three weeks ago. Personal trainer…Weak I hate that title. I have seen way too many uneducated, untested so called personal trainers. Strength


The owners at the new club asked me to do a powerlifting demonstration at this grand re-opening party Wednesday night. I wasn’t sure how things were going to go so I was pretty nervous. I’m not an elite level powerlifting by any means. But I do get under the bar every week and bust my ass to reach my maximum potential. I have competed before too. I’m pretty sure there was more people at this party then the powerlifting meet. We had some of the broncos there too.

This whole thing started from the other trainers on staff telling the owner that I was crazy strong and bending bars and shit. I have been there for less then a month. I have been training in the gym and they have seen me probably bench and squat 2 times and military too. I was hesitant to deadlift its a health club. so hadn’t pulled In over 3 weeks.

So this party gets started at 7 pm. I was told that they wanted me to be ready at 8. I quickly told them that I needed time to warm up. I was reassured by “of course you do. we don’t want you to pull anything” This place is filling up. free food and drinks. I was getting more nervous as 8 got closer. At about 20 mins tell 8 I went to locker room and grabbed my gym bag and went into one of the class rooms to start my warm up. Some foam rolling, dynamic lower body drills, some walking lunges etc. So I head out to the gym about 5 mins or so before 8. I get over to where the squat rack is and its right next to where the Microphone is and they are finishing off the raffle. They then start introducing me. “Are youngest and strongest trainer well be doing a powerlifting demo…degree, certification… come gather around and watch this is impressive” I’m trying to let them know that I need some time to warm up. I get a few reps with the bar get 135 on the bar and they are telling me wait so everyone can watch. And I’m telling them I’m just warming up. So I feel that I need to hurry it up. 225 for 3 and then 315 for a few. I have never warmed up so fast in my life. My needed 3-5 mins rest was cut down to less then a min. I’m breaking into a pretty good sweat and breathing heavy. I got few hundred people watching me. I slapped some 25’s on 365 for two. Hurry and take the off and put another plate on 405. By this time they are starting realize that I might need a min or two. They ask that our guest come up for some pictures. Eric Decker, Demaryius Thomas and Eddie Royal. I let them know that I’m ready. 405 for 3 ass the calves no problem close to an opener. I didn’t hear a peep! Kat is one of the other trainers and she was giving a lot of support. She was the only one who knew how nervous I really was. Kat comes close and tells me she had never see so many people trying to do the math in their head, counting the plates and wait how much does the bar weight? I was told to do a squat bench and deadlift. and I think they estimated it would take 10 about ten mins. All 3 lifts for near max attempts in ten mins…umm are you joking me. I thought that it would be faster if i went it my deadlift next. Couple of quick sets and I have the bar loaded up to 405. The owner asks how long? can u give me one min? I say in between huge breaths and wiping the sweat from my forehead. I tell her that this is going to be it. step up, set up and a pull a smooth set of 5. I was exhausted and bench is my worst lift so hell no! I’m not gonna to try and press anything with good technique at this moment.

I get a round of appalls and take some pictures for the owner and head for the shower. Walking with a ginger step cause my legs are toast. Take a nice hot shower and try to clam back down. Get dressed and head back out to the party. I was to nervous to eat anything before the demo so I was feeling pretty shitty and needed to eat fast!

There was like 8 huge tables full of food earlier in the night and now everything was gone. The only things left on the table were some chips and veggies. Both of those sounded awful so I make my way to the keg. Only to find that it’s tapped empty no beer. No food, No beer son of a bitch. Kat is a total sweetheart and knew that I was feeling like death. She says “lets go eat downstairs.” The after party was gonna be their. at this restaurant. A small group of us sat down and order some food right away. The owner of the restaurant says’ let me make sure the cooks still have things fired up. And I’m thinking No way! No food here too. I’m looking over the menu and I could care less what it was, just bring it fast. We place are order and to my surprise its prepared quickly. They bring out all the plates and everyone gets their plate but me. And I’m thinking to myself maybe he had to go back and get it. Kat looks at me and says you order food right. She is like they forgot your food.


This was great exposure


Picture from the party


Off day. Worked my bench yesterday and felt just wrecked from the week. It’s been a long time since I trained chest last in the week. I like to have an off day before or two days maybe some prehab work too. I felt weak. Worked some technique and a decrease load. Don’t have my mini bands yet from elitefts.com or I would have used one. Band around the wrist so you have to focus of pulling the bar apart. Set up, shoulder blades tight. feet feet feet. Someday I will have a huge press.


I needed to deload this week. Body feels weak. Haven’t been sleeping well this month. My head is to full of past demons and new pressures. Stress and sleep have a funny relationship…and Both effect my training.


Pull ups
N,M,W grip 1 set each 8 reps
Bent Row
155x 12x 3

I saw Jim Wendler doing upright rows with this short fat rope with kettle bells hanging off. I didn’t have any rope but made do w/ what was available. Two kettle bells 85 pounds total. For a bunch of reps sets of 15-20

Some shoulder IR and ER


I lifted with Kat today. We did pressing movements Incline bench, DB shoulder press, Skull crushers, Kickbacks, (her idea)Two sets of Lateral raise and incline flyes. Light weight Accessory Lifts


Single leg squats
3x 8
Kettle swing
2x 20

Single leg rdl w/ kettle (wtf)
(Kat’s idea)

Walked a mile, PCP rolling and some stretching


Took the weekend off from weights but worked my ass off in the mountains. Hard labor didn’t eat shit. Didn’t want to see how much weight I lost. So I’ll just wait to get on the scale next month.


Military press-
95x 5
115x 5
135x 5
150x 5
165x 3 plus 2 with some legs

4x 20

Pull aparts
4x max

DB power cleans
15lbs for about 3 sets of 10

2 sets lateral Raise for 15
some light front delt work

Hanging leg raises
4x 20


25 LBS pull ups
3 sets of 5 n,m,w grip

DB rows
100’s x 10 for 3 sets

Good mornings
light for 3 sets or 10

Barbell curls
3x 8

Forearm work