Get Shredded Diet

I mainly want to know, because I can’t seem to find it anywhere, is this diet exact calories or portions? Do you count the carbs minus the fiber and the fat in chicken, protein in veggies, etc.? I should be on the 1800 cal plan but I want to make sure that I am going to do it correctly.

use the search luke

Have done that, fred. Read through long threads and never get an answer quite to that unless I’m looking at the wrong ones.

I would just subtract fibre from carbs, otherwise not focus on the minitia of the diet (protein in veggies?).

Obviously you count the fat in chicken, but if you grill a chicken breast it should be quite lean so in that case I wouldn’t even bother.

Is that what you mean?

Yessiree, thank you. I am a little exact with things and get a little paranoid and I wanted to make perfectly sure before starting. YOu helped a lot.