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Get Shredded Diet???

Has anyone ever tried this diet? Im kinda 2nd guessing taking 3 HOT-ROX 3x a day. Can anyone tell me thats ok. Im not trying to insult his intelligence, I just need to know if anyone else has done it?

I believe that was in reference to regular HOT-ROX.

DO NOT exceed more than 4 HOT-ROX Extreme per day.

Check out my post on the Physique/Performance section. My results were obtained from doing Joel’s Cheater’s Diet for April/June, and Berardi’s diet the rest of the way.

The HOT-ROX rec was for the regular formula. Just use the new stuff as the bottle recommends and you’re fine.

FYI, be sure to scroll all the way through, as there are two sets of updated pics. The last ones were taken last week.