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Get Shredded Diet

Is this diet good for women as well?

If you follow what he says, why not?!?!

My diets pretty simular, although not as extreme, meaning on days where I am training, I consume about 50 to low to mid glycemic carbs throughout the day, no starchy carbs on non-training days, high fat and protein all days and a refeed day once every 6 or 7 days. I would love to take the BCAA at those doses, but couldn’t afford it right now.

My take, this diet and it’s instructions seems very sound.

[quote]csquaredosu66 wrote:
Is this diet good for women as well?

Absolutely. You will need to moderate the calories slightly, e.g. drop to 1500kcals. Check out the pix on my hub for my own results, or PM me if you want a bit more info.