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Get Shredded Diet



I have been reading about the diet mentioned above and would like your opinioins on it. I am trying to help my boyfriend wotj a diet and I thought this may be a short term diet that could work for him.

His current weight is 215 and we are not quite sure on bf. He is 5"10. His goals is to reduce bf to show detail on the muscle he has.

I have attached some photos and would really appreciate any input you guys think may be helpful.

I have him taking about 24 bcaa in addition to the recommended creatine. He is also going to be taking xtend during his work out that has glutamine and bcaa since he can't take Surge on this diet.



second one


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The Get Shredded diet is a great one. I think it would be a near perfect fit.

Man, he has massive triceps.


Yah seconded He has the mass to really look good shredded unlike must of the skinny guys that try to get ripped lol! The "Get Shredded diet" is tuff but produces great results! Get him on it for sure!


He appears to already have the leanness that JB recommends before doing the GSD.

JB knows his stuff and I had a fellow client follow the parameters of the diet for a few weeks prior to the end of a gym competition. Needless to say, she was starting to stall on her progress, but really took off at the end and won the competition.

I'd say, if he has the willpower to do it, then go for it.


Xtend...isn't that for penis enlargement?

Anyway, dude looks solid and fairly lean, if he can stick with Get Shredded he'll get incredible results. Good choice.


I am just coming off a 6 week clean bulk and heading into the GSD. I'm thinking about starting a log. Tell your boyfriend good luck, the reduced calorie intake is brutal - especially after a bulk.


Curious- was he a gymnast at some point? His arms are massive.


no not at all


No, actually he used to be a runner. I will have to post his picture. He used to weigh about 135 to 150 range.


I have him on bw x 13 on training days and bw x10 on non training days to help avoid muscle loss. You guys think that is a good base.


I <3 Xtend by the way. It's a must while dieting.


looks good. cant wait to see results.


For the ones that have followed the diet. Do you follow the meal plan he has suggested?

I am just trying to keep him within the numbers JB suggested 35% protein,15% carbs 50% fat. I changed it a little. He is also eating more than 4 times becuase his days are long and he doesn't normally work out until 8pm.

Is this a bad thing?




I have to come clean - I attempted the GSD and couldn't make it a week. I feel like a pansy. :frowning:


I don't think I could make it on this diet either. Maybe for a very short time and I'd be wanting to go to sleep all the time to not think about it. LOL


So far things are going ok. He will be posting soon about how he feels and such.

Yesterday he was feeling shaky. We are still working on getting him to eat more evenly through out the day.


I havent done the GSD; but I have done a low calorie cutting diet; the first week (or two) are all mental.

Get him on here and we can all give him the positive feedback he needs.

I went from 3700 cal to 2650 cals over a 3.5mo period; it sucked...but i got super lean.

Good luck!