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Get Shredded Diet Update and Questions

I brought the Get Shredded Diet out of the vault. I’m nearing the end of my fourth week: so far, so good. I cut off about a percent of body fat per week for the first two weeks. The last two have been closer to half a percent per week. Part of that is definitely on me. I think I started to feel a little entitled to results as long as I was following the diet, and my training intensity decreased (especially my cardio work). I just added Roman’s sprint plan to my workout today, so I’ll keep people posted on the results if anyone is interested. If not, go ahead and berate this thread.

That said, I did have a couple questions for anyone who can help:

  1. Are the “refeed” days necessary? I’ve found that it’s easier mentally to stay in full-go mode rather than remind myself what the glory days of eating were like. But I’m not sure if skipping my first refeed day had anything to do with the lower progress in weeks 3 and 4.
  2. Does anyone have any ab workouts that they found really ab workouts. I almost never train abs because my body fat was never low enough to where it’d matter. But now I’m getting down there and want to incorporate it more into my workouts. I know there are tons of articles on the site, so I’m not trying to skimp on research. I was just wondering if anyone had a program that they can personally vouch for.

Thanks to anyone who can help.