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Get Shredded Diet - Typical Bodyfat % Query!

Hi all,

I am starting the get shredded diet and had a friend caliper me to start.

Ive had a variety of people 7 site caliper me over the last few years - none of whom knew what they were doing so I dont put too much weight in it.

Either way I cant afford to get a proper test done so I would like some opinions as to my body fat % in the two pictures I post below. I am tensing and I reckon I am around 12% despite the calipers saying 6%!

This may seem obvious but after so much fat loss (previously 333 pounds) I dont trust my subjective judgement of my %, and the opinion of random people on this forum might at least put my estaimates into perspective!

thanks in advance

front tensed


Hmmm Pictures wont load…

Can anyone see the pics? lol - Oh well if not ignore this