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Get Shredded Diet Questions


Im proboly going to start this diet when i figure out all of my questions. First i weigh about 205 to 210, i eating about 3000+ calories, the diet calls for about 2000, do i just jump one day or am i going to have to slowly go down.

The second questions is when i get off the diet, can i jump back to the level im eating now, or do i have to gradually build up? If i do on both questions could i get some insight? Thanks. Id like to know what some results are too, did you lose alot of muscle, was it mostly water? Were you satisfied.

Just to clear things up, ive been training for maybe 2 years and my body is solid with good definition. My abs are the best though. Id like to lose some fat on my stomach, and see more seperation in the rest of my body, legs, arms, etc.... Thanks for all the information.


Read Berardi's "Get Un-shredded Diet"


Thanks, i didnt know he worte it, sorry.


I did this diet a few months ago its great...although, its extremely difficult if you follow it perfectly as i did...i was probably clinically insane for the first week or so but you will get used to the low carbs and calories....

definitley get Power Drive, it absolutley makes a difference, and BCAAs...the results were amazing, fat literally just melts off you in weeks....by the 2nd week i saw great results...by the 4th week i was absolutely amazed....i started around 12-13% bodyfat and dropped to around 8*, its great...i also only did it for about 5 1/2 weeks...good luck bro


Thanks, your an inspiration. Sounds like this is the real deal. I read the get unshredded diet. I still have one question. Im eating about 3000+ calories a day, the gsd calls for 2000, do i just change for 3 to 2 in one day or do i taper, like i would getting off.

That would help alot if someone would answer it. When i work out i do mostly 12/3 10/4 stuff like that, when i get on gsd would it be possible for me to survive doing that or should i wicth to maybe 8 to 10 reps ? Im think that 10 to 12 could be hard, but then again it could be good.? Thanks


I would taper off...the one thing i realized when i did it, was that my first week on it was a fuckin bitch...going from a normal amount of calories and carbs and what not and dropping that drastically....id cut it into 500 cals a day, and start it up at 2000 even on the 3rd day or so....im going to do it again before summer i think and this time around im going to definitley ease into the first week... as for your workouts, they are going to be very difficult, grueling, tiresome workouts....you can definitely stick to ur workouts, but it is going to really difficult no matter what u do really...but obviously adjust your workouts to how your feeling...the first week for me i realized i couldnt do the entire workout i had planned out, so the 2nd week i fixed it and it worked out great...stick with your workout plan than adjust accordingly...squats are going to be harder than ever ill tell u that haha but in the end i promise its all going to be worth it...good luck with it bro, if u have any more quesitons ask me, cuz ill never forget that damn diet haha


Thanks, i really appreciate the input. Someone get this guy a T-shirt. Im going to start Monday for sure now. I had doubts, cause i didnt want to lose to much muscle and stop my gains. But since you back it up so much im going to give it a try. Ill prob. start a log on T-Nation to keep better track of it, so people can follow, and if they had questions like i did they can check it out.


Yea definitley, sounds good bro...you really wont loose much muscle at all as long as you lift hard while ur in the gym, dont bitch out on a set cuz u feel tired cuz ur going to feel like shit i promise you that haha and your gonna feel lightheaded and dizzy more than normal probably but you will get used to it...definitley get fish oil, BCAAs, and powerdrive...they will absolutely help u out through the diet....keep me informed with it!! not many people do this diet, so if u ever have a question or something just send me a message alright, ill be more than happy to help u out along the way...thoughtout the diet u may need some encouragement, cuz ur going to want to quit, but dont, it will be worth it...good luck bro


Drop your calories immediately to the level the diet calls for. And food choices too. There's no need to ease into it. But absolutely taper off. Really, read Berardi's 'Get Unshredded'. It carefully details an incremental increase in calories and a slow liberalization of food choice until you're at maintenance levels.


jsbrook, have u ever done the diet? or have u just read about it?


trojanfan, sounds u got it all planned out! thats excatly what i did before i did it as well...break all ur meals down before you even start so your not scewing around with anything when you start...you will definitely get great results out of it, i know i did...do you Brian Cushing on USC?? I played highschool football with him, the bastard started in front of me!! haha but hes an amazing athlete...anyway, good luck with the diet bro...if u got any questions ask


Ive got almost everything planned out, except for the meals. I have the cals, pro. fats and carbs i need every day and at each meal along with my supplements. I have to plan the meals. I have no idea what to eat with low carbs and good fats and thats balanced. Could you guys through out some meals for ideas? And what foods would have good fats.


I did it last summer. EXCELLENT results. I'm a huge fan. I only did it for 4 weeks because I started school again. I'll probably do it again once I'm done bulking. I followed it to a T. I dropped my calories to prescribed levels right away and used all the supplements. You're starving all the time at first, but you get used to it. I actually experienced more hunger when easing out of it. I did this slowly, adding 200 calories per week. I started by increasing protein. Then more veggies. Then a PWO shake. And slowly adding fruit and grains until I had reached normal levels.



on that link is a good example of the diet, thats pretty mcuh what i followed and adjusted it to fit my caloric intake....but yes, the first week ur ready to chew off ur fuckin arm...but the hunger will begin to subside around the 2nd week, thats why next time i do im definitley going to just ease into a bit for the first 4-5 days...it will still work as long as u do it for the following weeks as long as u can, and no more than 12 weeks i beleive...i did it for 6 1/2 weeks totaly i beleive and i got great results out of it....

but anyway, i hope that linked helped with some food choices...u can also exchange the steak with chicken for some leaner meat thats what i did for the last 3 weeks and worked excellent


The link i got was the GSD article. Were you talking about a post or JB's sample list? And one question poped in my head. Im taking in about a gram to a gram and a half of protien per pound, the diet says for my weight to drop down to about 160. Why is that? I would think that you would want to up the protien to help stay anabolic. Do you think if i made it about 200 instead of 160 that i could still lose the body fat as quick? If not quicker ?


Yes, you have to break down ur Fats/Proteins/Carbs down to their specs...in that article it has the exact breakdowns, and a good idea of what the diet should look like..i followed that diet pretty much exactly and just adjusted it to fit my intakes and what not....you have to lower ur protein and everything cuz the whole point of it is to lower ur calories..and protein counts in the whole calorie scene unfortuanately....

if u can skip ur pre-bed meal, do it, its less calories for that day, and u will loose fat quicker...its an extremely difficult diet, u can read right there in that article, there is a god damn warning on it!!! follow those guidelines and your going to love the results, dont, and your going to hate it and just be pissed and hungry and not loosing any fat...thats no fun


Did you ever skip the pre-bed meal? I never did. The diet was damned hardcore enough! Great results though. To the OP, one thing that I did was have an extra 100 calories on workout days and 100 calories less on non-workout days to make up for it after computing my daily goals. JB said this is something you could do. And it worked for me.


yes, the extra 100 cals is a great idea, and definiltey try to schedule a workout around a meal! atleast within an hour or so after eating, get some energy! and yes, i did skip the bed time meal when i could...trust me, i did this at college and it was a bitch...i had a George Foreman grill which helped alot...also a steamer for veggies...and obviously the eggs i cooked in a pan or hardboiled sometimes just to change it up...

i cant eat scrambled egggs anymore, makes me fuckin gag haha but sunnyside up or over easy is my favorite way now haha...i threw some turkey bacon and a slice of cheese onto the eggs, and it was a damn good breakfast! i skipped the bed time meal whenever i could...id try to get to bed early so i didnt think of it and popped them ZMAs like skittles!!


You guys are great help. Im going to try what you did J, about the 100 extra on workout days and 100 less on non. On JB's sample diet he list 2 pieces lean turkey bacon, it might just be me, but is this just like regular bacon except turkey? And could i substitue that in with some other meat? He also has 6 oz extra lean beef. Could i use 6oz of chicken one day and steak another, or would it have to be less or more oz.

I know these are alot of questions, but i really appreciate it, and its very precise. You guys are very dedicated. I hope i can stick with it. I also workout at 6a.m in the morning, would i just have the bcaa and creatine during workout or would i drink the powerdrive and the multi before then take the bcaa and creatine during. Thanks.


The topic starter should take a looky loo at the "trouble getting lean" thread in the Supplements and Nutrition section.

That's probably what will happen to you. The diet he used was the V-diet, which is just a liquid form of basically the same diet your on. No food, no adjustment period, no slow cycling, just lots of exercise.

Inexperienced people need to take a conservative approach to dieting. Step slowly into the water, feel things out, see how your body responds to different levels of different macronutrients.

Hopping into a diet like this is completely hit or miss, and one little mistake could burn you.

But it's your choice.