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Get Shredded Diet Question

I’m 15, I play football and wrestle. The summer training for football will consist of Mon,Wed,Fri-weight training and running(ladders,sprints,suicides,etc.). I also will be doing speed development on tues and thurs.

Would the get shredded diet be too much for this workout schedule. Also, I don’t know what my BF is but it’s probably a little over 12%. Does this matter?

I’m doing this mostly for wrestling

You need fuel for all that work and your 15 and 12% aint bad for a athlete etc Concentrate not on getting SHREDDED but your performance getting better at your sports. Stronger, faster etc. getting to uber low SHREDDED BF aint going to do you many favors at this point


Thanks, I might just do it at the beginning of wrestling season. Also, is one supposed to take 3 or 9 tablets a day.

tablets of???