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Get Shredded Diet Log

So I used to lift in highschool casually and just graduated college and have decided to pursue bodybuilding with strict discipline. Started lifting again after 2 and a half year hiatus in May 2010 with stats of

Height: 6’3
Weight: 235
Bench: 135
Deadlift :225
Squat: 185

I decided to choose Dr. Berardi’s get ripped diet because it was realistic in allowing at least 2000 calories and my body responds well to high fat/low carb diets so I’ve couple this diet with the principles outlined in Natural Bodybuilding by John Hansen.

My current numbers after 2 months of training are:
Weight: 228 pounds
Bench -195 x 10 Goal : 225 x 10
Squat -265 x 8 Goal : 315 x 10
Deadlift - 335 x 12 Goal : 405 x 10

My goal is to drop body-fat each week while still improving muscle strength until I have visible abs and a waist measurement of under 34 inches. I will then shift to a bulking diet.

Supplements used:
Green tea extract with 200 mg EGCG
Creatine monohydrate
EC stack (just starting)-for energy in absence of carbs and appetite suppression
Fish oil
whey protein

I will post before and after pictures after 12 weeks or earlier if things get too extreme. I will not perform a refueling day as recommended by Dr. Berardi.

My diet:

Pre Breakfast
green tea tablet

3 whole jumbo eggs, 1 egg white 15 g fat, 30 g p 320 cal
2 oz baby carrots 2 g carbs, 20 cal
0.25 avocado 7.4 g fat, 1g p 4g c 81 Cal
0.25 bell pepper 1.4 g c , 6 Calories
1 cup green tea
1 cup water
3 fish oil 3 g fat, 27 calories
5 g creatine in water sipped for a 2 hour duration
35 g havarti cheese 11g fat, 9g p, 140 Cal
24 mg Ephedrine HCl with 200 mg Caffeine

6 oz ground beef 27 g fat, 41 g p, 418 Cal
35 g Havarti 11g f, 9g p, 140 Cal
2 oz spinach 2g carb, 2 g protein 13 C
1 small tomato 5g C 20 Cal
1 small zucchini 4g C, 1 P, 20 Cal
0.5 red pepper 5 g C 20 Cal
0.25 avocado 7.4 g f, 1gp, 4g C 81 Cal
3 fish oil 3g f 27 Cal
1 cup water
1 tsp olive oil 40 cal 6g fat
5 g creat in 1L water sipped over 2-3 hour duration

Pre training 24mg E HCL 200 mg Caffeine

Post Training
Protein shake 45 g prot, 15 g C, 3 g f

1.5 chicken breasts 36 g p, 3g f, 180 Cal
35 g Havarti 11g fat, 9g p, 140 Cal
1 tsp olive oil 40 cal 6g fat
3 fish oil 3g f 27 Cal
0.25 avocado 7.4 g f, 1gp, 4g C 81 Cal
2 oz/60g spinach 2g carb, 2 g protein 13 C
2 oz/60g broccoli 4g c, 2 g p, 20 Cal
2 oz/60g cauliflower 3.5 g c, 1g p, 20 Cal
2/3 cup green beans 5 g c, 1g p, 25 Cal
24 mg E HCL 200 mg Caffeine
2 cups water

Pre Bed
2 oz baby carrots 2 g carbs, 20 cal
0.25 pepper 1.4 g c , 6 Calories
2 whole jumbo eggs 16 g p 10g fat, 180 Cal
3 fish oil 3 g fat, 27 cal
2 cups water

Grand Total = 205 grams protein, 131.2 grams fat, 64.3 g carbs, ~2392 calories
This will be my diet every day for the next 12 weeks with no variation.

I calculated my basal metabolism at 2300 Kcal/day
I will not be performing any cardio and instead will reduce my rest time between sets.

Ok so today was my first workout on the diet. I have never taken caffeine or ephedrine before and was pleasantly surprised at the increased endurance I gained. Although my heart rate was elevated and I was feeling winded during squats I felt like I was able to do more reps. No jitters or crash experienced.

Day 1 Legs and Abs - all weights in pounds

Barbell Squat - 225x15, 245x8, 255x8x2, 255x6x2, 225x10
Romanian Deadlift -265x8x3 - These felt too easy
Leg press- 450x10,8, 360x10,8
Incline crunches - 2xBWx80
Dragon flags- BWx8, 6, 3 (failure)
Medicine ball twists on ground -14lbx60x2

I spent the better part of my day today (around 6-7 hours) researching effects of high caffeine intake as I am currently taking in 700mg a day and the benefits of EGCg. I was very concerned about the ephedrine since I found myself sweating at temperatures where I would normally need a light jacket as the apparent synergistic thermogenic effects of the 2 supplements (caffeine and ephedrine) have noticeably elevated my body temperature. I felt very strong and I had no appetite today. The appetite suppression effects of ephedrine are very strong. Since I am more interested in talking about diet than training i’ll talk about some studies I read:

-It is safe to ingest 600 mg/day of EGCG (Japanese study on children)
-Amino acids with little/no carbs in the blood elevate fat burning before cardio
-Doses of 300-600 mg/day of catechins were found to lower visceral fat and curb formation of neutral fats
-Almost all studies related to green tea extract and weight loss involve 300+mg of catechins/day
-A study using 150 mg/day of EGCG reported lower RHR and blood glucose levels but no fat loss benefits vs placebo group while study suggested higher doses of EGCG may prove beneficial.
-Study on cyclists found no fat burning benefits of EGCG
-Study in mice found lowering of fat tissue levels
-Multiple studies find EGCG has no additional effect on body weight maintenance after weight loss.

Conclusion: While green tea extract has reported numerous benefits as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects, anti-carcinogen, preventing bad breath…yadayadayada studies for fatloss are inconsistent. I think I definitely felt the thermogenic effect of the green tea extract taking it standalone but I can’t rule out the possibility of placebo effect. The only study containing very high doses that I can find and which is often cited on the internet involves 700mg/day and reports promising results.

I’ll remove the extract totally from my diet for a few weeks and raise my intake to 800 mg/day and see if I notice any difference next month.

I know diet and exercise make up a MUCH bigger part of the picture than supplements but I am the type to obsess about the little things in life .Anyway here are the lifts:

Assisted muscle ups
120x6,3 (failure)

BB bench press
(205x6)x4 PR

DB bench press
80x8,6 PR

Incline flyes

Assisted muscle ups II
160x12, 10

Bicep to forearm dips

will ditch green tea extract in favor of BCAAs after stock depletes.

July 1st, 2010 -Canada Day holiday

Thank goodness my gym is open 24/7 on holidays. I opted out of seeing the fireworks and decided to train some lagging body parts. (biceps, forearms and calves)

I haven’t mentioned it yet but I have terrible genetics for bodybuilding, especially in the lower leg area. My insertion points are horrible but I gotta work with what I got I guess.

The third day of eating the same meals made me feel really crappy. I have never dieted before in my life so the concept of not immediately devouring whatever one craves is foreign to me. What made my day was when my mom read the macro-nutrient breakdowns and my post workout meal table which was attached to the fridge and prepared everything for me.

I am drinking between 9-10 glasses of water a day lately which is more than I have ever drunk in my life. The third day without soda for me; someone who previously consumed a 12 pack every 3 days. Oddly enough I don’t think I have ever had 200 g protein a day and I find I am still improving in all my lifts despite a calorie deficit so there may be a correlation there.

I got help with some body measurements and my shoulder width turned out to be 22", right bicep 16.25" flexed and left bicep 16.5"( I am right handed). In today’s workout my right bicep was much weaker and always failed first. When deadlifting I always maintain the same mixed grip so I will be conscious to switch it up from now. A guy in my gym today who was smack talking my training methods with his buddies 2 months ago when i started lifting there was doing double takes and that felt good.



Cable curl to sides

Reverse straight-barbell curls
(80x6)x4 PR
Pause rest (90x1)x10

Seated calf raise

Donkey raise machine

Concentration curls

Friday July 2, 2010

Dumbbell shoulder press
65x8x3, 70x6

Close grip BP
165x6 PR
155x1 (failure)
145x8x3 (last set failure)

Reverse flyes
Prev: NA -first time trying this exercise

Bench dip dropsets
75x6 , 65x4, 55x4, 45x6, BWxfailure
45x9, BWxfailure

Tricep pushdown supinated grip

Diet: Gag reflex experienced. I forgot to add the carbs in my calculation from eggs.
4 jumbo eggs= 4g carbs

PO shake +15 g protein= +60 kcal, to be taken 1 hour before sleep on non-training days
lunch 35g havarti> 25 g havarti= -3.14 gr f, -2.6 g p, - 40 kcal
-dinner avocado = -7.4 g fat, -1g p -4g c -81 Cal
+dinner 0.5 cucumbers = ~160g , +0.3 gr f, +1g p +3.4 c, +19 kcal
lunch +1.5 oz ground beef = +6.75 g f, +10.25 g p, +104.5 kcal
Alternate 7.5 oz ground beef with 1.5 cans of tuna+ 1 tbspn flax oil

Net change = -3.5 g f, +22.65 g p, +3.4gr c, +62.5 kcal
New total = 227.7 grams protein, 127.7 grams fat, 67.7 g carbs, ~2460 calories

EDIT> uploaded some before pictures of myself for motivation.
Saturday June 3rd

Rest day

Before pictures


I have still been logging everything but haven’t gotten a chance to post anything here. I picked up a couple of addicting hobbies so less of my mind is on food/dieting now. I am now 220 pounds as of writing this post (8 pounds lost) and my strength hasn’t decreased drastically on any of my lifts.

Sunday July 4th 2010


Tbar row

Low seated rows

Straight bar pulldown

Light ab work

Monday July 5


Pec Deck

Weighted dips
50x8, 6, 6

Standing calfraise

Seated calf

Tuesday July 6th

225x6, 245x6, 265x6, 245x7, 245x6, 245x6, 245x5, 225x6

Leg Curl
130x10, (160x8)x2, (180x8)x2

Leg Xtn

Wednesday July 7

Bpress flat


Incline dbell bpress

forearm curl, behind back forearm curl to failure 80x3 sets each

Straight bar curl

Incline dbell curl

seated curl machine thingy

Dragon Flags
BW x8 (arched back version)

Thursday July 8
Muscle ups
-140x10, -130x10

Donkey calf raise
(490x6)x8,(445x6)x2 (280x20)x2

I am planning to switch over to more of a powerlifting routine and workout reactive training style so my training is going to reflect that over the next couple of weeks.

Friday July 9

Bbell Bpress
(205x4)x7 (last set failed)
Dbell row strict (100x6)x3

Saturday July 10

Bbell bench

Sunday July 11 Bw 223 pounds

Reverse Flyes

Seated Calf
135x10)x4, (90x10)x8

Monday July 12
BB bench
Light Bicep +Lower back work

Wednesday July 14
BB bench

Thurday July 15
BB deadlift
135x5, 275x5, 315x3, (365x3)x5@8

T-Bar row
205x12, 15, 12
Calf work

Friday July 16
BB bench
(215x4)x7.75 (last rep last set failed

15 min cardio

Saturday July 17
Bbell bench (middle finger on ring, index finger on ring alt)
(225x3)x7, 205x3x2
Tricep Pressdown PL style (190x12)x3

Sunday July 18
CNS -average

Reverse Curl


Forearm+rev curl superset


Bicep DB incline curl

Monday July 19-smolov jr for bench week 3
BB bench (195x6)x6
light ab assistance

Tuesday July 20th

Today i felt terrible as my drunken father asked me to drive him to the bar on the way to the gym. I really beat myself up more than anybody with every little mistake I make and it is frustrating. I can never give 100 percent on my squats because it seems like I am afraid of failure at the bottom.


BBrow sloppy form

Front squat practice

wow! very detailed. I cant wait to see the final outcome. I’m gonna watch this and most likely follow it depending on results you get from it and your input