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Get Shredded Diet + IF?

I have done the GSD before and has fantastic results. I have also tried IF and I really like it. GSD is divided into 4 meals a day and I eat 4 meals a day now on IF in a 5 hour Window, but was wondering if I can combine the 2 or do the 4 meals need to be spaced out more for the GSD

meal frequency doesnt matter

I’ve done both, and had great results a few years back with GSD. However, IF suits me better as a general lifestyle system. There is nothing wrong with trying to implement the kcal/macro guidelines of GSD into IF. Using the BCAAs during the fasting period will also lend itself to IF. I currently do something similar - IF with amino pulses, then eat at night, P+F meals only (50-75 CHO max per day). Been on this system for 25 days now with no carb refeeds and energy levels, etc, fine. Only difference is I’ve set my kcals higher, i.e. 2000-2200, and a few times I may consume double that. Feeling good and body comp progressing.