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Get ripped but not lose Strength

I am looking for some ideas or a workout that will help me get ripped but not lose my strength. I have been a powerlifter for a little over a year and but I have never been ripped, what should I do to gain my goal but not lose my strength? Thanks!

Bro, whenever i have gone on a cutting diet my strength has dropped, especially towards the end of the cycle since this is the time that the calories are at the lowest. In my opinion you should lift as heavy as you can during your cutting diet, 3-6 reps per every set. Since your muscles will be somewhat glycogen depleted, there is not much point doing high reps because you will never get as many reps as you would normally do anyway. At least with low repetitions you will still be lifting close to your maximum.

DITTO on what slain said… lift heavy, that’s about all you can do… and don’t look to get great pumps like you used to, because you won’t on low carbs… things will feel a little different, but don’t freak out. 8 reps max on anything