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Get Ready!


I think I've spent close to 25 hours on phone with Tim Patterson and Christian Thibaudeau over the past few weeks and have been absolutely dying to share everything I've learned. But since I promised them I'd keep quiet and don't really want to be fired or hit in the head with a barbell from a pissed-off Canadian strength coach, I've kept my mouth clamped.

Until now.

Tim gave me the go-ahead, so I wanted to share what's about to happen here at TMUSCLE. It's truly mind-blowing.

We've uncovered and exploited every component of extremely rapid hypertrophy using the most advanced and radical protocol ever known.

When every component of this rapid hypertrophy system is used properly and in conjunction with each other, it can literally transform a body from above average to amazing. In fact, Thibs has already selected an elite tribe of hardcore, underground bodybuilders, taught them the procedure, administered the programs, and has been truly shocked with the results.

"It's nothing like I've ever seen before," he said right before we hung up today.

Of course, this type of black op bodybuilding thinking is nothing new to Tim. For years, Biotest has invented, produced, and used super-supplements they've never released to the public. They've studied the body in detail, calling on decades of combined experience and experimentation from top-level coaches and exercise physiologists to uncover and refine the methods that lead to radical rapid hypertrophy. And they've pretty much kept it under wraps.

But it's time to change all that. We're in the process of perfecting and completing what may very will be the most brutal, effective, life-changing hypertrophy system ever devised.

It's not just about lifting weights. It's not just about using super supplements. It's not just about theoretical physiology.

It's about gaining the most muscle possible at the fastest rate it can be achieved.

And the best part?

You will be the first to learn it, try it, and experience it first-hand.

Get ready.

I know I am.



For those of us who've been reading the various posts on all of this -- when can we expect this program to come online?



We've been ready for about 8 months now.


Looking forward to it, Nate.

I take it this is the hypertrophy compliment of V-Diet 3.0?

Is this the same protein pulsing, para-workout stuff that has been discussed here recently?

When will this system/supplements be released? By that I mean... should I hold off on ordering all the components of Thib's protocol until this is out, or should I go ahead and order now because it will be a while?

Thanks for the heads up,


Been following the forums on this for quite a while and I have one question.... WHEN IS IT GONNA BE RELEASED?! This month, next month, summer, autumn, winter? A rough idea would be nice, thanks.


CT said in another thread that he's scheduled to film the program in its entirety in about 2 weeks. So maybe a month 'til we see it?

Looking forward to it!


Filming, editing then getting it on this site. We'll see it in Sept


September 2011


The program will be released in two years? :confused:


That's called sarcasm


Coach Thibs, Nate,

Thanks for all the info., this project sounds incredibly exciting.

I am a little concerned as to the role the new supplement protocol will play in the program. Is it vital to its success or will the training protocol be effective without it? The reason I ask is that I'm from the UK and most of the supplements are not available over here.

Thanks in advance for your help and best wishes to you both,



If only there was some way I could order some Biotest supplements to UK...


lol, good one.


Biotest ships to the UK and Australia.


I think he might have been referring to 11-T


LOL I was trying to be sarcastic (I am level 4). Epic fail. :slightly_smiling:

And I've given up on 11-T, as much as I like it, I get bad acne on it. Yes I am THAT vain.


Really? I didn't notice any acne from it, did you try showering? j/k


Bill said something about different people having different reactions regarding acne. I generally very rarely get acne but have outbreaks everytime I get on 11-T, I cut the dose but it hasn't helped. I might try this shower thing you mentioned. Thanks for the tip.