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I have been working out for all my life. and i am up to 200 and 5'10 my bench is 250lbs and i want to add more mass on my arms. some one told me that EQ is good to make u sronger and biger and i want to know what some of u think about that. im looking to bench 315 at the end of the year. my arms are at 16' and i want to get them biger.


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I would suggest eating more food and lifting on a maximal strength type scheme. Something like a 10x3 or 8x3.

I just have a feeling that you could hold off on the AAS a bit longer...


You weigh 200 lbs. and your max is only 250??? Sounds like you haven't been working out your whole life, and if you have...you have definately been doing something wrong whether it's your routine or diet. Maybe you should get all that in order before you try AAS..and possibly a little more knowledge on steroids besides "some one told me that EQ is good to make u sronger and biger".


I separated my sholder in football and i never have been able to get my max up. not like it huts anymore but my max has been at 250 for three years and i want to make it higher. I dont work my legs out much more so all my time is to my bench max and it fucking ant geting higher.

i have looked in to EQ i just wanted to see what some of u had to say about it.


Heres some advice, go to a physio and get your shoulder figured out. Second learn about proper training ie training the WHOLE body. Believe it or not but if your lower body gets stronger your bench will go up. Third, dont even consider steroids yet, your not ready and have a long way till you will be.





well thanks for all of that. I will work my legs out more and just work out with a hevyer wieght. maby in a year i will do some EQ.

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ok tell me this. when would u say that i would be ok to take some EQ or something like that. im 19 i have a long time to go.


In 10 years.


This has got to be a joke. It's everything rolled into one designed to piss off T-Nation readers:
1. Kid asking for Steroid info.
2. Making excuses for crappy numbers instead of working harder.
3. Not training legs.
4. 200lb + 250 max bench + life time of training means he is either a liar or stupid.
5. Spelling on par with a brain dead monkey.
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What the hell is wrong with people? I benched 340 at a body weight of 170 naturally. If your shoulder is healed, then you have NO fucking excuse. By the way, no matter which anabolics you decide to use, they won't help you much if you don't know what the hell you're doing. I suggest READING, and LEARNING how to train and eat properly first. The you will be on here saying I can bench 350 at 200, what anabolics will help me get to 400? Maybe then you'll get a friggin' response.


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Hey scuba,

On the bottom left of your keyboard, there is a shift key. When you press this key along with a letter on the keyboard it capitalizes the letter.

How long did you say you had been training?

You mentioned your chest exercises but you said your goal was to get your arms bigger? Granted, the b-press does work your tris, but what do you do for your arms? Let me know and I will give you my opinion.

I too have lifted all my life and I'm 35. BUT, when I was around your age I was in the military and I seen my greatest gains at that age without "help". I think you might need to push yourself more. That is just the vibe I'm getting. FYI.
To gain mass: PUSH IRON HEAVY!!


What Steven said.