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'Get Pecs Like Arnold' (Video)


Its that easy


That's the most fail joke ive ever heard. no punchline, no hook. Just a small, weak dude, dawdling around on a bench... Failsauce


I didnt see the need for a hook or punchline its all in the video. His username is Muscleprodigy, his 12 inch arms, talking about building a huge chest when he can barely move 135 pounds. Its funny just laugh, dont be a dick. But im glad we have an expert joke advisor on the board an for that sir you get the EPIC WIN award. Congratulations!


be glad that I commented on this before anyone big guy.

A. you made no inclination of joking in your statement, and shit like this gets posted every day. You could have very well been serious, in which case this thread would have turned into a proverbially shit storm lasting several pages.
B. This is the bodybuilding section. Not the bodybuilding Jokes section. See A.
C. You're new here, though i believe it would be common sense, but know that 'Being a dick' and 'Failsauce' dont go hand in hand.

but if you'd like for your ass to become the new squeak toy around you, you keep right on with this posting.


Dude take it easy its a forum, i just posted a video. If your idea of a 'Big Guy' is someone with 10,000 posts, you need to find someone else to look up to. Your pathetic.


Regarding the post , i dont think he had a hard time moveing it since it was only 3 reps , but beside that. Did the guy video taping sounded like Andy griffen to any of you?


yea alittle haha


Dude is going that slow/controlled and still robs himself of 1 inch in his ROM?


he is kinda big, no one else has pics but akuma. video made no claim that was not outrageous.


possibly the worst poster of 2011? eh? eh?


whaaaaaat? "He's kinda big"??? who do you work out around?


No....no, he really isn't.


Wow at this thread. GAL please?



If people want pecs like Arnold, why don't they bench like Arnold? He definitely wasn't stopping an inch above his chest or driving with his legs (or weighing 160lbs).


kinda sounds like vince vaughn


This thread made sense to me when I read only the first post, I thought it was along the lines of "Get pecs like Arnold = Bench Press" but now I read everything and I deem it fail.


Sorry I meant he isn't as small as the poster sounds like. he is a grown man not a boy.


Ding, ding, ding. Exactly what I was thinking. I was waiting for the joke.


can you provide a link to the youtube site were this video is on so I can read the comments :slight_smile: I love it when about 10 people will accuse this guy of roids.


lol never mind found it