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Get MD-6 while you still can!!!

I just got off the phone with a friend of mine who works for Chattem, Inc. (they make
Dexatrim and sell about $20,000,000 of it per year). Since last week, their
stock has dropped 25%. Why? I was unaware of this but the FDA advisory panel has
ruled PPA as “unsafe” and recommended it be removed from the OTC market.

This reaction by the FDA is based on a flawed study at Yale linking PPA to
increased risk of brain hemmorhage in people, mainly women, 18-49 years old.

My buddy at Chattem is getting his resume out because he thinks they’re all but doomed.

I also checked around a little more and since this advisory panel announced PPA as "unsafe", Bristol-Myers Squibb decided to pull PPA from it's Comtrex line of cough/cold products and they're replacing it with pseudoephedrine. Bayer A.G. is also announced it will reformulate Alka Seltzer Plus, pulling the PPA and replacing with pseudoephedrine.

When billion dollar companies react like this, it tells me something.

It tells me they know what’s going to happen
inevitably, probably sooner than later.

Don’t believe me? Check the latest issue of
NEWSEEK, there is a big article about it there.

I better start looking for something else to put in MD-6 because PPA is going to
be yanked soon and this sucks BIG TIME!!!


What is PPA? There’s no listing of it on MD6! Also, why isn’t this a bigger issue on your site?

Yes, what is PPA? Do we need it? What does is do positively in MD6 etc, etc. John R.

PPA is norephedrine. Look it up in past issues of t-mag. It’s in MD-6 and Adipokinetix.

John and Pu55y,
PPA (phenylpropanolamine) is used in Dexatrim (as a appetite suppressant) and in some cold medications see above in Brocks article). In the MD6, L-norephedrine is a isomer of PPA and is added for its fat burning (without the jitterness associated with ephedrine)and appetite suppressant qualities. It is basically (in my opinion) the most important of all the ingredients in MD6 (but that is not to say that the rest of the ingredients are not important-they are). Please read the product information on MD6 to get a better explanation. Hope this helps.

Since PPA is a mixture of L and R isomers, how can L-norephedrine be banned? Unless they specifically ban both isomers and not just PPA, there should be no problem. Laws regarding drugs do need to be very specific.

If they ban PPA, it means ALL PPA is banned.
That would be both D and L isomers.

I am concerned, but not overly about this.
Because I think the PPA in MD-6 is more of
an anorectic than thermogenic. The yohimbine
is what really cranks up the heat.

If they ban PPA, I will put something else in

No, don’t even ask me!!!


Brock, you mentioned that it was a “flawed study”…can you give more details as to why you felt it was flawed? Flawed or not, are YOU worried about this (from a health standpoint)?

Man, they’ve already banned it in my state–Texas-- daim’ ig’nant bastards… I have a theory as to why the government is attempting to ban it nationwide. I believe its more of a “moral” ban than a concern for our safety-- See, the real motive is to legislate PPA out of the hands of teenage girls with eating disorders, as many women use Dexatrim for its appetite supressing effects, under the guise of "safety concerns for the people of …<sniff, holding back tears>… America… I could be wrong, however… Maybe the FDA actually is made up of a bunch of ig’nant bastards and actually believes PPA is harmful…Naah, they couldn’t be THAT stupid… Oh well, guys its getting late. Time for me to take my tryptophan and hit the sack… Oh, yeah I forgot!

Man, BBrain, that was hilarious! And, hell, if I have to take xenadrine for fat loss, I’m gonna be real pissed at the FDA.