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Get Low Movie


What have all ya'll heard about this movie?


Looks like it will be a good one


Looks like it has some serious promise. Good cast, intriguing story; I'll see it.


I have had my eye on this one for a while now.


Looks awesome. Original story (AFAIK), great cast, and BILL FUCKING MURRAY.


I'd hit it.


Bill Murray keeps waking up to relive the same funeral party every day.



What Would Ving Rhames Do?


WWVRD=What Would Ving Rhames Do?


About to go see this shit tomorrow. I'll let ya'll know how it is. It has a pretty good score on Metacritic. Not a huge Robert Duvall fan, but it still looks quirky; I'm in. You know what it kind of reminds me of? That Tom and Huck Disney movie where he fakes his own death. Haha Sony pictures is stealing ideas from Disney.


Well, I automatically thought, "What Would Ving Do?" However, I wasn't sure if people would pick up on who Ving was. I should have posted a picture. Hangs head in shame


I figured out why you cannot find a girlfriend.

Disney wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer? I swore Mark Twain did. :wink:

If you know anything about Southern folklore, you'd know that the two stories are not connected. There was an actual hermit named Felix "Bush" in Tennessee. He really did have an actual funeral party, and he actually did sell lottery tickets for his land.

There were parts in this story I had never heard, but good movie none the less.


Mark Twain's real name was Samuel Adams. His family created the brewery Samuel Adams in his honor. He used to get shitfaced on good lager from Boston and beat the fucking tar out of his wife and child and it was the fact that his family so lovingly offered up their own physical health so that Adams may have a proper outlet to vent through when he hit snags in his writing that allowed him to become the hallowed wordsmith that he is today. True story.


Haha yeah I've read Huckeberry Finn but I was referring to the movie.

Not looking for a girlfriend, just trying to get some notches on my belt.


Tom and Huck is a movie of the book, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.