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Get Lean Without Dieting by Chad Waterbury


i want to do this program ,but i am working out at home and i dont have access to Treadmills , Medicine Ball movements and Cycle Sprints i want alternative for these

also,, i need to know if this progeam will make me gain some muscles or not because i also need to build muscles while losing my body fat ( about 19 percent )


As a general rule of life, you should do the exact opposite of anything Chad Waterbury says


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i dont understand , why u both said that ?!!!


Chad Waterbury's programs are great. Have either of you ever tried ABBH?


He doesn't have a good rap in these forums... I don't know what the program actually looks like so I can't actualy help you out sorry


i dont know anything !!! should i follow (get lean without dieting) program or what ??


its the only program i found at the whole web i need any program called ( getting lean or ripped without dieting beacause i hate dieting !!


btw am 180cm height , 80kgm weight , 19 percent BF , i dont want to lose weight i just want to lose flabby which is in bodyfat and i dont want to get huge like bodybuilder i just wanna a be like athlete !,,,am not beginner i had lots of weights lifting for the last year , can do 50 pushups
, u can find my pic at this link:



stop trolling


trolling what ?


I had GREAT results following is advices/program.
I'm a beginner, 1 full year of serious training. Maybe Chad's advices are not for advanced lifters ?

He is not on the pure 'bodybuilding' side, but knows is stuff.



If you want to get leaner, you need to add lean muscle mass to your frame. Diets are BS I will tell you that right now. You want to add lean muscle mass, because muscle increases the number of calories your body burns, even at rest. While a pound of fat does nothing but take up space, a pound of muscle is an active, living tissue and requires calories to survive. My best advice for getting leaner is to try out one of the established programs available all over the web (or just ask, most of us will give you program options to choose from), do some homework on what looks best for your goals, and get active. Do you need to change your eating? I don't know. What does your diet look like right now?


You've started two threads on this now...take the advice you've received from both and be gone with yourself