Get Lean Summer Program

Hi coach

Is your get lean for summer program similar to your program outlines where you do full body workouts with different contraction types ?


No, it’s a bit different.

There are (per week):
2 main lifting workouts for hypertrophy/strength
1 condtining/loaded carry workout
2 loaded stretching/abs/cardio workouts

Hi Christian,

I bought the program and it looks awesome!

Just one questions out of curiosity: Whats the benefit of the loaded streching, apart from the obvious improvement in mobility? (Or, in other words: Why is it included in a summer shredding program?)

I wrote an article about them here:

I’ve been using them for close to 20 years with athletes and see physical changes from it. And the novel stimulus can actually help with fat loss because your body will be so inefficient at it at first.

Thank you! The article is very interesting.