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Get Lean, How Long??


okay so i started at 314 35.5% body fat

8 weeks in i was 309 with 29% body fat

now i KNOW that im building muscle because its very ovvious yet my net weight isnt changing, and i know thats normal, i also know im dropping my body fat which is good, however its just staring at my gut and my tits all day every day thats driving me nuts

i work out 5-6 days a week lift 4 days (two day upper/lower done twice a week) and i do cardio every day, usually 10-20 mins of HIIT running

as for eating im on "the zone" im eating lots and i mean LOTS of clean food every 3 hours i have a meal
in total im eating around 2000 calories a day 20 blocks, now i know that looks low but its SO much food im eating its hard to finish some meals, once i start rugby im going to up it to 25-28 to match my increased activity levels

im 11 weeks in now and even thou i have lost over 7 inches on my waist and a few inches off my tits etc and dropped that body fat i still feel REALLY overweight, i do feel alot better thou im able to do things ive never been able to do like actually run for 10-20 mins without dying and squatting down without collapsing

so my question is how long before my damned gut is gone lol and my tits!
im getting another eval done next week to see how my body fats doing and my weight and measurements


I'm in the same boat. I am in Muay Thai. I went from 275-278 down to about 220 and I still unfortunatly have men breasts. They are shrinking but not fast enough. I estimate about 3 more months of Muay Thai I will be down to about 180-190 range.


i dont want to shock you, but you arn't eating anywhere near enough, I don't know your stats but generally speaking you want to be over 4000 cals a day.


You've only lost 5 pounds, but 7 inches off your waist?? Damn how much muscle are you putting on?
I'm not sure why you're eating so little and doing cardio 5 to 6 times a week, and doing this for past 8 weeks, there has been either a lot of cheat meals or missed cardio sessions. I would choose one or the other. Doing this much cardio is just going to make you small and weak not ripped and powerful. I would stick to hitting the weights hard and really focusing on diet, although not sure why you're taking in only 2000 calories. I take in 2700 calories now at a bodyweight of 220 pounds and I'm losing 1 to 2 pounds of fat a week, working out 5 times a week with NO cardio.
The fat takes a long time to come off, but I wouldn't go with the fast track way of tons of cardio cause then you'll just end up losing tons of muscle, be patient and you'll eventually get the results you're after from diet alone.


On 2000 calories, you're starving. I train 15 year old girls @ 125 lb. that eat more than that.



If I could give one piece of advice from an FFB, build yourself a big chest - you'll need it to take the slack on your skin around your chest once your boobies are gone.


im taking in plenty of calories like i said its all clean food and its balanced meals, and i can hardly finish some of my meals, if i was eating too little i would have the energy to keep doing cardio every day, as well as lift heavy and keep gaining all my lifts im gaining on and my LBM is going up while my fat is going down so i think im eating enough, im laid off too remember i wake up go to gym come home and SIT here until i go to bed again


also it is true that a calorie isnt a calorie from stuff ive read from Berardi, and honestly im NOT starving myself far from it


2000?You can't finish. No offense but how did you get fat in the first place then?I'm gonna be honest with ya,you didn't get upto 300 plus by eating 2000 calories a day. Eventually your going to need to eat more to keep your metabolism up.


Oh my god..i've been eating under 2000 for the past year and a half...and i thought that was good for maintaing size. I balloned from 225lbs to 260lbs..

What's the healthy average if you try to diet? 3000?


Increase your protien intake, and eat more often. Try 5 times a day. If you can't consume regular meals, mix in some protien shakes throughout the day.

The more muscle your building, the higher your metabolism will be.



You're kidding.... right?


im eating 5 meals a day, every 3 hours, a typical meal is 4 ounces of meat, bowl of brocoly bowl of carrots, and an apple, for the fats i have some un salted cashews and or olive oil to cook the food in


Ok, that is fuck all food. 4 ounces meat of is about two fish fingers.

The reason you still feel fat is because you are still fat. You didn't put on all that weight overnight, so it will take a while for it to come off. As long as you see steady progress, keep going. Once progress stops, re-evaluate things.

Good luck.


that 4 ounces is 30 grams of protein, and that 4 ounces is cooked weight and its quite a bit of meat, anyways i upped my food to 25 total blocks now since im starting rugby


Seriously. There are calculations for this posted all over this site.

How the hell did you gain 35lbs eating only 2000 calories a day?? At your weight your maintenence is well over 3000, even if you sit on your ass all day. Were those 2000cals all saturated and trans fat, sugar and zero protein???

Are you sure you didn't mean to say 2000 calories per meal?

Harsh. At least you followed it with a good luck...

WTF is a block?


My eating habits for the past year and a half have been shotty. On some days, i'd go from 10am to 8pm without eating. And on the next day, I'd probably eat like hog in the cafe. I have long periods without eating and when its chow time, I eat 3 plates of whatever I can get.


Are you honestly complaining about these results? If what you are saying is true, then you are making great progress.

I know it's hard to feel like you are working your ass off only to look in the mirror to see some fat slob staring back at you (been there)but you must be patient. If you are making progress then you are doing the right thing. Is it the perfect thing? Should/Could you eat more calories? Is there something better? Maybe, probably, who knows for sure? There is no magic formula for nutritional intake and anyone who tells you he has the perfect work out is full of crap.

The bottom line is you are on the right track, why are you looking so hard to jump off it?


2000 Calories a day? Velocity diet calc for a guy your size on a non workout day is 2000 calories.

I looked up the Zone diet and they talk about blocks there, where different amounts of food add up to a 40/30/30 balance. So if you get 2 protein blocks you need to balance it with 2 carb and 2 fat to reach this ratio (which turns into a 2 block meal).

I think the amount of time you're putting together "block calculations" you could be entering your food in fitday, which will actually give you a nutrition breakdown on calories, protein, carbs, fat, etc. I used it to add up one of their 4 block meals and it was 450 calories.

There are tons of resources here about how to build an effective nutrition plan. I'd try working in more carbs (from vegetables) and protein and limiting your fats to fish and olive oil.


its working fine for me and honestly 2000 calories may not sound liek alot but when its all clean food its a massive amount of food, and the thing about blocks is one total block ( 1 P 1 C 1 F) is about 100 cals so if im eating 20 a day im eating 2000 calories, i upped my food to 25 blocks now cause im playing rugby now and its hard to eat this much food as it is, im not under eating its just the way the zone works, and i dont need to eat my maintaince caloires, im trying to loose weight not maintain it remmeber?
my maintence is about 4700 for the activity im doing, and im taking in 2000-2500 now,

i can understand why you all think im starving myself, when you are JUST lookin at the caloric information, but thats not all there is to eating, i could eat the 3000-4000 you are recomending, but i would be eating each meal for about 2 hours lol