Get Lean For Summer Program/Type 1B Diet


I just wanted to get some thoughts of yours based on my current plan of action. I took your neurotype quiz and scored as a dominant 1B, but the rest of my scores were very close. Based on my research of your content I’m probably a 2A actor.

I have purchased the 1B Diet and plan to run the fatloss guidelines with the Get Lean For Summer Program along side of it. The exercise program looks geared to a 2A based on the different types of workouts, so I’m really excited (currently on week 2). In the past I’ve typically faired very well with carb backloading and aggressive cuts so it all feels pretty natural to me.

Sometimes, I often run myself into the ground with the aggressive cuts, so my thoughts are do you think this plan would be sustainable for 12 weeks without any adjustments? My recovery sometimes gets shot due to my job. I’m a teacher/coach/athletic director at a high school and some days are more stressful than others. I naturally intermittent fast but I think sometimes it may be good for me to eat something to help control cortisol through out my work day. If I eat carbs during the day I often feel sluggish and it sometimes leads to wanting to eat carbs all day so I like to stick to low carb foods during the day. However, when I eat carbs at night they help relax me and I sleep better. I typically get atleast 6-7 hours of sleep each night but struggle to become “awake” in the mornings so I lean on 2-3 cups of coffee per day.

I guess my questions would be:

1.Do you have any recommendations on supplementation/eating for recovery/stress management during the day?

2.Is the aggressive nature of the diet sustainable for that exercise program without refeeds or any changes?

Sorry for the long message Coach, appreciate everything you do. Thanks for everything.