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Get Jacked Workout Questions


Question for CT or others on Get Jacked..wrapping up Week 5. Down 6 lbs 248-242. Havent done other measuremnets but BW id down while and have been getting comments that I look bigger and strength is actually up (405 BP x 2 on set 6 of BP). This is with about 75% adhereence to diet due to travel, weekends at beach, and chasing tail (dinner, drinks, etc.) haha. So im pretty happy.

Problem is I tweaked my back pulling 605 for last set of deads week 4. Chiro says he can get me back to 100% in few weeks but prob a good idea to lay off squats, deadlifts, etc. Lest I end up laying on the gym floor for 20 mins again! CT or anyone..how can I arrange my split now w/o the lower body stuff?


Hey man,

My recommendation would be to simply carry out more maintanence work for lower body/back and continue strength progression for upper provding you don’t further aggrivate your back.

Given that you have not been keeping 100% compliant to the program, I would wait, obtain FULL recovery then start the program again, but go hard…no dinners and drinks etc! So, therefore you will get the full benefit of the program and get even better results in the time frame.

I know it may not be what you want to hear, but your’e better off recovering from injury and making better progress in the long run, than TRYING to continue with an injury, half assed.



Hi CT!

How should we implement the new “best”, “option 1”, amino pulse/protein/ para nutrition (including fini bars) protocol to this weight loss program (without Anaconda obviously) for the time being? Is it ideal or possible? Very excited to max out results. Thanks!


Hi CT i think my web browser is acting weird (cant tell if my earlier post was posted to the site) so i’m really sorry to accidentally bother you if you see a similar post in this thread…

but how should we implement the new “best” “option 1” amino/protein pulse/ and para nutrition protocol (w Finibars) to this weight loss program (with out Anaconda till it comes out)? I appreciate your help to max out with the new info.


Coach Thibs,
I just purchased you ‘Get Jacked…Fast’ ebook, and I’m eager and motivated to give it a go! Thing is im currently half-way through the V-Diet and I wanted to know if it was ok to jump right into the program after having finished the trasition phases of the V-Diet?

Thanks, rikz.