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Get Jacked Questions



The first question is a re-post, but I'm hoping somebody here can help me out with it that has experience with the program:

1) Are the weights of the protein portions raw or cooked weights?
2) Can Metabolic Drive or Grow Whey be used for a portion of protein?
3) Can sesame oil be used to cook in place of coconut oil? I only ask because it's better for higher temperature cooking.

Thanks for the help.


ALso on the two a days's for the hell week do the pre-post w.o. nutrition guidelines apply to both am and pm workouts?.. eggers if you know let me know whats up


I was wondering that too. I figure the guidelines would apply to both workouts.


  1. You're nitpicking. Go with raw for simplicity's sake.

  2. Simply because they're not going to fill you up as well, I'd recommend against them. If you decide to use them, make sure you're getting the same calories per portion as the other protein choices.

  3. Sesame oil is better than coconut oil for high temp cooking? No.


I also have questions in regards to the Get Jacked nutrition plan. I plan on starting the program shortly and am calculating my total caloric intake for the first 2 weeks of the program and it is roughly 2500-3000 calories a day. What has been the experience of those who have undertaken the program? Am I calculating my portions incorrectly?


You don't really need to calculate calories. You just need to follow the diet outlined. All the math is done for you.


Hi guys i want to start the get jackes Programm next week but
I have 2 question about the Protein and Fat intake in the first 4 weeks.

In this low carb diet I think the fat intake is to low and the protein intake to high because
i get 23 Portions of Protein and 3 Portions of Fat. I dont know but i come to 345g Protein and 30g Fat in the first 2 weeks.

Than in week 3-4 i have 17 Portions of Protein and only 2 Portions of Fat also i get 2 portions of fruits.
The Kcl intake is very low.

Currently my Kcl intake is set by 3000 Kcl.Is it not better to reduce the kcl slowly as if i jump from 3000 to 1600 kcl.

Christian wrote in Refined Physique Transformation

So remember, when using a low-carb approach, fat intake should be high enough for your body to avoid turning into a protein-burning machine. During a proper low-carb diet, your fat intake should be pretty close to your protein intake. Remember that 1 gram of fat has 9 calories while 1 gram of protein has 4. So 110g of fat is equal to 250g of protein. A 50/50 ratio (plus trace carbs) is a good place to start.

As your body becomes ''fat adapted'' (good at using fat for fuel â?? this requires 10-14 days) it's possible to gradually reduce the proportion of fat in the diet. But I'd avoid going down lower than 30-35% and personally I stick to 40-50%. So if your caloric intake is set at 2750kcals/day (a good place to start for a 200-210 pound individual) it means that you should ingest around 320g of protein, 150g of fat, and anywhere from 0 to 30g of carbs (or a bit higher depending on your body fat levels).


There will also be fat in the dairy and meat you eat, so it will end up being higher.


You're also consuming 20 grams of fish oil a day, and will have some fat in the dairy portions you consume. As the previous poster said, there's fat in your protein, as well.

The first 4 weeks are supposed to be low in energy nutrients, so just go with it. If you start to feel like shit for more than a few days, then you should probably stop the program and get yourself fat-adapted for 2 weeks.


ok thanks for the answers
I´ll get starded next week



I am currently on week 3 of Get Jacked! It's going great, thanks for the great program.

My question is regarding the supplements. Would you modify the supplement plan, especially the Para-workout supps, given what you are currently doing?