Get Jacked... Fast!

No Question but small success story:

My wife is now in week 10 of
“get jacked…fast”

starting: 59 kg
now: 53kg

She followed the program 1:1,
including the 2x a day training sessions :slightly_smiling_face:

Great program for the strong-willed

Abdominal muscles are slowly becoming visible and stripes in the back

Strength has increased or was able to maintain it
Max. push-ups last week 27 in a row

update will come when it’s done


@Bert1 Is this a program, article or challenge?

I can’t seem to find it.

Thank you.

it’s a 12 week program, but it’s older , i think 2018 !?

Ok, that should do it. I’ll have a look thanks!

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i think its this article, enjoy


That’s not it, the article you shared is a program that last only 4-6 weeks.

It’s also a program that has both a brutally high frequency and high training volume.

Unless you are enhanced or have an amazing tolerance to high volume training sessions, I would not do this program or at least modify it.

I counted 36 sets in one training session that was not whole body. A lot of lifters can’t even sustain that amount of volume in a maintenance or bulk period, let alone while cutting.

EDIT: Well OK, on the pump days you have supersets and trisets so the 36 sets could actually mean 15-18 sets because the supersets and trisets count as extended sets. But even then the total weekly volume would still be between 90-100 sets.

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That is much :sweat_smile:

That may not have been what they were looking for, but thanks for sharing - I like seeing how he laid the different stressors out over the week.

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Yes, thank you indeed. It wasn’t what I was looking for but I enjoyed reading the article.


And did you found what u were looking for? i probably found that program, but i think its a paid content from CT so, i am not gonna share it here.


Yes , its a paid content

I can vouch for ; really good program. I’ve edited it for a 2nd go round (against advice etc); but 1A/B etc dual exercise pairings are alot better than 1 straight exercise (for me, anyways).


And now it is done

12 weeks “Get jacked fast”

5kg lost


Great work! You are jacked!