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Get Jacked Fast question



I have just bought your get jacked fast handbook. However, i have been following a diet plan with the following structure for 11-12 weeks.

Weeks 1-5: carb cycling diet (1 high carb day per week, normally including 1 weekly cheat meal)
Weeks 6,7: tried intermittent fast (stopped due to energy fluctuations and not feeling well waiting untill 1:00pm to eat)
Weeks 8-11: i have done 3 weeks of Lyle Macdonalds ultimate diet v.2

I have (according to a 7 point calliper test) reached 11.8% bodyfat, down from an estimated 16-17%. My bodyweight has dropped from 215lbs to 198lbs. I would ideally like to get below 10% bodyfat, is Get Jacked Fast the right way to go. Also, would it be sensible to implement the plan after a 4 day break eating higher calories.



Also, i dont understand how whole eggs are included in the protein portion menu but not the fat portion menu. Are the foods set up so that you only calculate the dominant macronutrient in each food source.


To answer your second question, the protein servings are set up to be calorically equivalent. For example, lean beef has 88 calories per 50g serving (10g P/5g F), an extra large egg has 90 calories (8g/6g), and chicken has 86 calories per 75g serving (17g/2g). Thib is basically setting the calories while leaving the protein and fat breakdown up to you. You have to figure out what works best for your body.

The portions of fat are considered separately from the portions of protein, regardless of how much fat is in those protein selections.