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Get It Checked BOYS


About 40 odd days ago i noticed a dull ache in my lower right side of my abdomen,a little worried i got on the net and looked up some of the symptoms i had.
I done a testicle check and gues what i found A FUCKING LUMP :frowning: on my right testicle.

So im freaking out thinking its cancer and so forth.So i decided to man up and get my nuts checked at the doctor.He sent me for a ultrasound and the good news is that it's only a cyst,which is GOOD NEWS i get to keep my nut and dont have cancer and so forth.

So now i just have to find out what's causing my dull ache on my right side,i think its just muscular but im getting tests anyway.

BUT the whole point of this test is:
Boys if u find and kind of lump on your testicle get it checked out,dont be embarrassed,fuck i was heaps embarrassed but u cant be embarrassed if u are dead right?
I even had a chick give me the ultrasound,that will humble u right there,but the relief i have now is great,especially when that's all i was thinking of for the past month.
This can even apply to the ladies with lumps in their breast.




Funny, I just got an ultrasound on my right testicle today. Something is growing on my shit. It wasn't embarassing at all. The lady who did it was all about business, and was also young and attractive. Hoping there is nothing wrong with me.


Friend of ours had cancer in his left testicle. It's removed, he's alive.



I just had an unltraosund done two days ago. Felling of discomfort in the left testicle. The NP said get an ultrasound. So veins on the left side are enlarged and that might account for the discomfort.

Trouble with testicular cancer is that if it stays in the testicle no problem its removed and you live. However it can spread, I had a friend who is a PA have to tell a 27 year old patient he was going to die because it had spread to his abdomen and lungs.

So yeah get em checked boys!


It is def. nothing to be ashamed, esp. if your life depends on it. I had hurting an swelling to the left side.Turns out it was a vericose (sp?) vein.


well, awkwardness aside, i would much prefer THAT to the alternative ... not that you are gay or anything

glad to hear you are a-ok.

i prefer my ultrasound method. in a very quiet and poorly lit room. put my balls in a girl's ear hole while she listens real closely.



I check mine all the time...hell, I'm checking them both right now...Once I checked on them and one was missing, after a brief search of the house, it was in the kitchen having coffee.


Thats hilarious!

I let my woman check them at least every other day, and especially after Maximum Effort Workouts.


"lol" Not gay at all (not that there is anything wrong with that) Its just the only time i want a chick touching my balls is when she is preparing to place them in her mouth. :smiley:

The sad part is that it was a freezing day down here -8 degrees in the morning so certain things were shrunk :confused:

Sorry to hear about some of u guys who have found lumps,hopefully it works out for the best.



we just lost a guy from our rugby league who started out with cancer in his nut and it got up into his stomach and lung cause he wasn't diagnosed till it had spread. He went into a coma after the first kemo treatment and never made it out. i didn't know the guy but from what i heard he was a great guy. you can sure as hell bet i gave the boys a check when i got home.

embarrasment is temporary, death is permanent.


That sort of puts things in perspective, doesn't it?


best thing to do in those situations is to just leave your body. Whenever that stuff is happening, im at home watching a game or something mentally. Sad thing is, that kinda stuff happens to me alot so im puirty good at it.


I have a cyst on my left testicle. To be honest, I am kind of nervous about it, but doc says,"don't sweat it."

So I get out the calipers once a week and measure. JUST KIDDING
about the measuring part anyway.

Just me


Good post HHH.