Get Him to the Greek

Anyone else see this?

I laughed my ass off the whole fucking time.

i movie starring two mediocre supporting actors?

I did not laugh…at all.

I heard it was terrible which sucks cause I really wanted to see it.


Two of my friends said it was funny as fuck, not really sure what to think.

I saw it and it was pretty damn funny. It’s one of those “stupid funny” movies.

Compared to the Hangover: It sucks

By itself: Not bad.

It was good, I laughed a lot and I enjoyed the cast. Even P-diddy was funny which was a surprise.

Same guys who did Forgetting Sarah Marshall, new songs and music to go along with the ridiculous Aldous Snow personna. Pretty fun time.

P-diddy did have a couple overly black jokes (probably written by really white guys) that didn’t work well, but other than that, I’d say go see it if you want to laugh, definitely rent it.