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Get her in the mood...

Wouldn’t that be a sight to see? Me creeping up on Avoids Roids while he’s sitting in front of the TV in his favorite chair, while I walk up behind him and put my wenus on his head! I’m sure he’d love that! LOL! Why yes, I did get my nipples pierced. Wanna see?? LMAO!

If you already brought a girl home with you then you shouldn’t need any music IMO.

Dayum… just whip the shit outta Edge why don’t ya…! I’ll bet it was a dumb prank that Edge didn’t really approve of at the time, and thought he’d share a little of it with us here on the T-Forum. Don’t massacre him for something that he didn’t actually do. Yeah it’s not the most seemly thing to do, whether you know the girls or not (that doesn’t make a difference as far as I’m concerned), but I think you’re all being a tad harsh. Edge - while I wouldn’t recommend anyone do it, I still had a small chuckle. Ok, let’s see if I’ve stired the pot… [grin]

Ask her if she likes the circus and if she says yes then play the classic theme song that everybody remembers when they think of the circus and have some fun filled log jammin’. If she doesn’t though then just put on some Slayeror some kind of thrash core and screw like rabid animals in the heat of the mating season.

Ratso, you’re a dead rat. As for you Doggie, I can live without your microbe trying to do a brain scan on me, thank you very much. Banish all such thoughts or risk a little neutering. Besides that, I just called Cy Sperling, who is not only the President of The Hair Club for Men but also a customer, and asked him to fix me a dog repelling hair piece. It will have thumbtacks implanted, point up. Here doggie doggie.

Don’t worry bro, I don’t plan on putting my doggy dingling on your head! So you won’t need any special devices to ward me off! LOL!

Depeche Mode- Violator CD.

Works like a charm.

Love and Rockets - “Deep Deep Down” from Lift. Slow, psychadelic, sextrance music. works great with low lights and a backrub.

Ani DiFranco - “Pulse”. The words aren’t sexy, but the slow, jazzy music is sensual and easy to fall into.

Sting - “Sister Moon”

Branford Marsalis - “Romances for Saxophone” (Claude Debussy etc. classical music made sexy and classy).

Ani Difranco? That’s some seriously t-draining stuff 'Cita! Especially that “my cunt is an open wound” song.

How abuot aerosmith “Rag Doll”. That’s GOT to get a brutha a piece.

Brock is on the right track… Go with basically anything on Dave Coz’s CD “The Dance” Ultra Romantic…although not appropriate for one night fucks…

“Good Friends and a Bottle of Pills” by Pantera.It starts like this:“I fucked your girlfriend last night. While you snored and drooled, I fucked your love. She called me Daddy. And I called her baby when I smacked her ass. I called her sugar when I ate her alive till daylight. And I slept with her all over me, from forehead to ribcage I dripped her ass.” Perfect song for a booty-call doncha think?

ASK them, guys! “I’m looking forward to this weekend…just you and I…I would LOVE to hear the music that relaxes you and make you feel nothing but pure Love…” works well for me…

dam i bet none of you dorks ever get laid…
CrazySexyCool by TLC
anything by Jewel
anything by Savage garden
anything by lawren hill

Of course, music cannot make a girl horny for you…If you are going to make out or fuck I usually put on smooth jazz as like, kind of a joke because it is widely understood to be porno music. Always gets at least a laugh.

For a serious answer - the Pure Moods Cd’s work wonders for me…little candle light…scented oil back rub… OK, I’m leaving work and going home now.

Try Jay-z - Girls Girls Girls (Girls with a “S” ) & Dead Prez Mind Sex & Dr Dre Bad Intention(New version). I got greats result with Jay-z but I will burn the other and try it soon ! Download it and give me your comment.
It’s the best way to say your intention :slight_smile:


it seems to me that The Doors can fit in almost any situation… good stories…

Delerium - Karma

works every time

heard it Michelle?

nope… but i’ll check it out

if ya wanna get a girl in the mood, just lick her. that’s it.