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Get her in the mood...

Edge, if you think a man exposing himself to a female is merely a case of summertime fun that is an acceptable form of societal behavior because you may have seen it in some 80’s movie, then you undoubtedly missed out somewhere on your moral education while spending too much time in the movie theater. Unlike you, who apparently would laugh if the pervert flashed his donger at your daughter, I would bring the deviate to the police station with a few knots on his head. If that means that you think I am the allmighty pious one with problems, so be it. I’ll still do your job and would stick up for your daughter’s right not to be visually molested by a sicko.

Hey man, teenage hijinks are hilarious. Like the time i was at the mall with some of my friends and my younger sister came up to me crying because some little shit was harrasing her. So we took him and his little friends out behind the mall and kicked the crap out of them. Man, was that ever hilarious. I mean, the look on his face when he realized all the attitude and wifebeaters and rap music in the world wasn’t going to save his ass from a serious beating. Jesus was that frickin hilarious.

So the next time you and your little wanna be thug friends are out engaging in a little teenage hijinks, remember there are older brothers out there who are very protective of their sisters, and we don’t mind engaging in a little teenage hijinks of our own. Of course, i assume you’ll find as much humore in getting the snot beat out of you as you do when your buddy’s waving his dick around like he’s hot shit.

You know, I have to side with The Edge on this one. I don’t see anything wrong with what his friend did. It was totally hilarious and they never noticed for a long period of time. Would it have been different if he forced himself on the girls, tried to touch them or masturbated in front of them? Yes, that would be a problem. What he did was nothing more than having some fun!

You know, if you were ever around me or my friends, you guys would be calling the cops or getting all upset. Because almost on a daily basis, one of my friends is pulling his cock and/or balls out at one point or another. Is it done in a sexual way? No. It’s a funny prank. Hey, I’ve taken my cock and rubbed it on my friend’s head while he was sitting down! Am I gay? No. Did he call the cops? No. Was he mentally or emotionally upset? No. It was all in good clean fun. And that’s how we are as a group. And you know what? Many of our female friends or friend’s girlfriends have seen our cock and balls or been a part of our hijinks. Does anyone get hurt? No. It’s childish fun! So what’s the big deal? We are all adults. No one is exposing themselves to minors or using it as a sexual come on. So I think some of you guys are overreacting.

Thank you Nate Dogg! Listen, I think you guys are blowing this way out of proportion, AND speculating on a few things. First, it seems you’re under the impression that these girls were like 14 years old. The girls were two 25 y/o’s and one 26 y/o. And they HAVE seen a dick before. Second, we knew these girls. he had in fact dated one of them for 2 years. Third, there was no malicious intent, only to get the exact reation he got. The reaction was 3 girls giggling, saying yuck, gross, then coming and eating wings and drinking beer, relating the hilarious story to their other friends about what my friend just did.
In this context, it is absolutely ludicrous for Avoids Roids to make the statements he did. he did NOT have much info to go on, and he blew it up in his mind into some rediculous rape scene where 3 girls were viciously tortured and no justice had been done.
Next time, don’t take things for granted.
Oh, and Michelle, yes it’s very easy to look at this on the surface and say, “oh it’s so childish!”. When you’re with good freinds on the 4th of july, you are enjoying yourself with a little harmless prank. Everyone goes home, and reminisces about the prank for years to come. If you were in that situation I’m sure you give a giggle.

nate - the difference here is you KNOW the people you are talking about. i’ve seen friends whip it out, i laugh and get on with life. no big deal. this guy DID NOT KNOW those girls. it is VERY different.

You are correct. This is done amongst friends. I would never do it to a complete stranger. Obviously, that would get me arrested for exposing myself. But I think The Edge said that they knew these girls! No harm. No foul.

um…edge? you happened to leave out the part where you knew these women. that makes it COMPLETELY different. ‘went up to a car with 3 girls in it’ sounds like ‘went up to a car with 3 girls he didn’t know in it’. hell, if he knew the women it’s an entirely different issue… then it IS a funny story. (obvioulsy i’m not the only one who ‘inferred’ you didn’t know the people in the car.)

I used to use my good buddies, Luther
Vandross, Barry White or “Chef” from South
Park :slight_smile: Works like a charm! Brock

I don’t give a shit if he knew them or not. If some “friend” of my daughter’s or my wife’s came up to her and her friends who were in a car and. as a “joke”, whipped his dick out, he would still get a knot on his head from me and hauled down to the local station house. That is NOT acceptable behavior. Maybe it is a generational thing…I don’t know. But if it is, I am glad I will be dust before that generation runs our country. And Nate, if any friend of mine were to rub his dick on my head, as you say you enjoy doing, he would be eating it for lunch. But that is unlikely in that my friends don’t act like immature assholes and never have. ===Avoids Roids and Weinie Waggers.

Parachutes by Coldplay and White Ladders by David Grey.

OK, so BACK to the purpose of this ol’ post…I think. How’s about “I’d Rather F**k You” -NWA. Chris Isaak rocks too, in the multi-date scenario.

Michelle, you’re right, I should’ve made it clear that he knew them already. I knew you had a good sense of humor. It’s just a matter of perception. Sometimes people take different things to mean different things. Like Nate Dogg read the same exact story as Avoids roids, same info, totally different reaction. Nate took it as all in fun and harmless little prank. Avoids Roids saw it as Vicious pedephile swinging his dick around at the dinner table and hitting people in the face with it, then raping their mother. Or something like that. lol. In any case, all the people in question saw it as a fun prank.

Well, I guess my friends and I are immature assholes! I think it all has to do with what you personally consider offensive or not. And I guess that “older, more conservative” people find these types of things outrageous and uncalled for. Many of us are not offended by such things and don’t think it’s any concern among a group of friends. It’s all good bro! To each his own, my man!

Your friends sound like some of my friends from college. Two roommates (of each other, not of mine) in particular used to have contests when they went out bar-hopping. They called it Chili-Wacking and the goal was to see how many people they could get away with touching (undetected) with the head of the “little dogg”. It was always amongst friends, and amongst alcohol!

Damn, that is hilarious! That is definitely further than I would go! LMAO!!!

Pink Floyd- Dark side of the Moon

Miles Davis “Kind of Blue”, nuff said…

This is a very interesting social practice that I never knew existed before Nate. I appreciate the enlightenment and I stand corrected to you and The Edge. I am going to put out a post on this tomorrow to see how wide spread this practice this. If it is as widespread as I am lead to believe, perhaps we could collaborate on a technical book on the finer points of boinking your buddies heads. Could be a great T-Mag article also. I can’t post it tonight as I have company coming…none of whom I would personally want to boink for fear of having my head crushed. Obviously, they live in the stone age and have not been enlightened yet. :slight_smile:

“Baby Got back.” :slight_smile:

I would LOVE to see Nate Dogg rub his little doggie on Avoid Roids’ head. Nate D, didn’t you just get pierced nipples, hey, wait a minutes, get THAT away from me…aaahh!