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Ok I figure this is a fool proof way to get faster…I know one kid who did 10 100 yard sled pull sprints everyday for 3 months and decreased his 100m dash time by a whole second and then some…

I have decided to run 8 60 yard sprints with a parachute everyday for the next 72 days…That is 576 sprints and has to guarantee some improvement in my 40 yard dash…I take about a 2 minute rest in between each rep and the workout lasts about 25 minutes with a dynamic warmup…I started today.

Also 3 other days a week I will include a 30 minute jump rope workout, agility day including L drills, pro agilities, Figure 8, a bunch of cone drills etc, and a day of stairs or hills and sled pulls…So 3 extra running days

Over the years I have tried numerous ways to decrease my 40 time which is about a 4.75 and have faced a stand still so I am going all out this summer…

I am working to decrease my body fat % drastically from 13% to about 7 or 8% based on eating healthier…Also I am starting to stretch at least 15 minutes a day.

What do you guys think?

What do you full squat? Instead of fooling around with parachutes, you might just need to add 50 lbs. to your squat. If it’s already good, I’d work in plyos and other speed-strength work before I’d get into parachutes.

I full squat 465

From what I’ve heard parachutes are pretty garbage as far as sprinting goes. It messes with your running mechanics. You’d probably be better off with doing some polymetrics and sprints without the added resistance.

Id advise trying to mix it up a little. Clearly adding weight to your deadlift and squat will make a difference, however that may not be the best/only way to do it.

DE box squatting made a big difference to my 100m time ( I play rugby and DE squatting took my 100m down to 11.0).

Also insted of ALWYAS sprinting with a chute, why not have 1 running session a week dedicated to acceleration, 1 to top speed and then do another of whatever you feel like. That way you ll still get the volume in, you ll use the parachute 1/2 times a week and if your feeling beat up you can have the third session off.

With my athletes I focus on running technique and just running fast. Charlie Francis is notorious for saying that the easiest way to runner faster is to RUN FAST.

There’s very little evidence to show that parachutes are going to make a huge difference in your sprint speed, and in fast added resistance can slow the leg cycle enough that it can actually slow you down.

I would spend time in the gym working the posterior chain using a mix of heavy maximal to near max lifts with speed lifts as well. Then in your quad dominant training session put in some GHR, One-legged back extensions, and One-Leg RDL/Good Morning and you’re on the right track.

Above all else work on your running technique. Do your arms cross your body? Do you bring your knees up, or do they stay more towards the ground? Do you run on the ball of your foot and reach for ground or do you slap the ground? These are all issues that will slow you down.

Ultimately the key to running fast is technique and being efficient enough to recruit as much muscle as possible to move your body across the ground as fast as possible.

Plyometrics are really an over used technique. There is a lot to be said for them, but in VERY small doses. You might try some box jumps for height, and just stepping off the box every rep.

I’ve seen too many athletes trying to perform rebound jumps and reaction type jumps with HORRIBLE technique, so unless you have access to a great coach or can replicate what you see in a training video then I would keep it as simple as possible.

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Don’t talk about it, be about it.

Parachutes look cool in Nike commercials but that’s about it.

Instead check out Joe DeFranco’s 40 Yard Dash

Keep us up to date on your progress

For football, all we ever do to increase our running speed and ability is technique work, agility work, strength, and power.

Sled work may increase strength, but strength doesn’t always equal speed/power. Look at powerlifters. They can deadlift huge amounts of weights, but a good number of them can’t sprint well or perform Olympic lifts better than those who squat only 400-500 and train for speed and power.