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Get Defensive When Asked 'Still Working Out'?


Someone that hasn't seen me in awhile asked me if i still workout. Now, we as lifters, bodybuilders however you want to term it, can sometimes be overly sensitive about comments made. this question always irratates me. I feel like saying "do i fucking look like i still workout." instead i just say quickly, "I sure do."

I know i can't be alone in this. do others get a tad defensive if and when this question is posed.




I wouldn't read too much into it bro. You're a really big guy so if someone hasn't seen you in awhile it's hard for them to see any significant increase in size. It'd be different if last time they saw you, you were weighing 170 and now you weigh a jacked 225. (Pure example) A lot of people are insecure and jealous as well so they will say anything they can to not seem impressed or put you down in a subtle way.


You could not be incredibly insecure about it, and then there would be no reason to get defensive.

Here's an example of your post from someone who isn't caught up on their own appearance:

"Do you still work out"
"I sure do"

Notice the lack of retarded bullshit and repressed defensive anger between.


From what I've seen, most people use it as a conversation starter or filler. They can see you're still training but they want to work it into a conversation without sounding gay. "Nice body" (no homo), "You're looking great" (no homo), etc. They just opt for the "hey, do you still work out?" "yeah I do" "good for you" approach.


This, it's just common folks way of starting a conversation that is related to fitness. Kind of like how a fellow fitness enthusiast will open with "How much do you bench, bro?"


It's smalltalk and nothing more. When strangers/ passing acquaintances ask me how I am, I deliberately throw them a curve ball by saying "not so good, I'm afraid". 9 out 10 times they don't know how to respond because they expected you to say "I'm fine, thanks - how are you?"

You see, the majority of people outside of your social inner circle expects you to give a the socially correct answer not the truthful one. They don't really about your current state of wellbeing; it's just making idle conversation.


Do you think people might be using that as a way to make conversation with you?

or you could just be letting yourself go and people are noticing. When was the last time you hit the gym?


If I got defensive about every dumbass statement people make all day, I wouldn't have time for anything else.

"Do you lift weights?"

"Uh, not really. I sleep next to a bee hive".


Just tell them "nope."


I like this option.

Maybe vampires have been snacking out late at night a tad too much lately. All that blood has got to be bad on the waist.

One second on the throat...a lifetime on the hips.


if people ask you this kind of question that means that it isn't you on that avatar.




When I get big like X, I'll start using that :slight_smile:


Silly boy, of course not - Vampires don't photograph.


I REALLY don't like being called skinny.

Its insulting,

and ridiculous that I don't like it because its always meant as a compliment.


Lol, if you are 5'7" and 385lbs and not fat, it must be pretty obvious you workout since the only people bigger than you are pro BB'ers.

I'm 6'1", barely 200lbs at relatively low bf levels and no one doubts that I work out.


Is that DOH crazy in the back of your avatar?



^^^^^^I say this, then "golf".

Or, I say "Can't you tell??" in a kidding way.


I just say "no, but ive been doing alot of yoga!"

But seriously, whats there to get defensive about? dont be such a girl.