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Get Cut Help

im 6’2 260 last i check my bf was at 18% i would like to take off a little fat to get my bf down. i know running will hurt all my lift. i powerlift so weight helps me alot. would like to know if anyone maybe knew of something i could do,and maybe not lose some much

The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few

  • Cut out ‘empty’ calories (soda, alcohol, sweets)

  • Go hiking / biking / swimming

  • Play some pickup basketball or other sport

  • Take your dog to the park

Depending on how you currently train, some strongman style gpp might help you both get cut, and keep / increase strength. Things like pushing cars, flipping tires, and the like might help you reach your goal, while not making your lifts suffer.

Eat a bit cleaner as the previous poster mentioned and you should be sitting pretty.