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Get Buffed.... I hope so!

So I started Ian Kings 12 week “Get Buffed” program today… The first day didnt seem too bad, Im hoping the intensity picks up a little… Im getting back into lifting after a 3 month break because of my sport season…so I was wondering if any of you guys used this program and what results you got from it? Thanks…

I did it for a couple of weeks and quit because I just got bored of doing bodyweight stuff. I much prefer olympic style lifts ala Meltdown II. What are your goals?

Tired of doing bodyweight stuff? You realize you’re only supposed to stay on Phase I for a -maximum- of 4 weeks, most often 3?

Well what Im really looking for is to get big. I wanna put on a lot of mass, while also increasing my strength, but really the main goal right now is to start getting big. I guess I should elaborate a little more…Im very tall and thin, and its really hard for me to put on weight, so what Im doing is the Get Big Meal Plan, along with Ian Kings “GEt Buffed” program. I wanna put on as much muscle mass as possible. So do you guys think this should work for me?


I do understand that his programs are set up in phases (4 On 1 Off) but I personally feel that Get Buffed is geared toward correcting imbalances by using unilateral exercises and lighter weight. I just prefer lifting heavy and doing multi-joint movements. But don't get me wrong I think Ian King is way ahead of his time and that the program has many great benefits it just wasn't for me.


I think your on the right track but, I personaly liked Ian Kings “Get Big” better than Get Buffed

www.menshealth.com/ mhclips2/phase2.shtml

You will definitively need to boost up your calories and protein intake I would suggest reading "Massive Eating". You should also start a food log.


Hope this helps, KraigY