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Get Buffed book

Hey T-folk. Recently I’ve been considering buying Ian King’s book “Get Buffed”. I also remember reading in the T-Mag vaults that his 12 week programs were outlined in the book. I guess I’d just like to know if this is all that’s in it? Or if there’s more, is it basically the same stuff that’s in “The Poliquin Principles”? (Which I’ve read) I just don’t wanna fork out AUS$70 for information I’ve already got. Can any of you guys or gals rate the book, as far as useful educational value goes…? Cheers.

Read the review in one of the past “stuff we like” columns. It’s a very fair and accurate review. My opinion- yes, worth buying.

I second that motion. I found it much better than Poliquin’s book as most of Poliquin’s stuff was just MM2K article reprints. I have a feeling though that if Poliquin comes out w. another one (Where the heck is that Arms Race book?) it’ll be much better than the original though. If you’re not part of the genetically elite, you’ll be able to relate to Ian’s book a lot more.

am currently in the middle of Ian’s book and find it a good read. you might want to check out his web site. seems to be right on.