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Get Blood Work Done Before 1st Cycle?

I was doing the research here for my first cycle when I noticed a thread where someone mentioned blood work. Now I’m wondering if it’s worth the time and money to get the tests done just to see where my natural test is at? I’m 36, in good health, and have been lifting for 10+ years. I’m self-employed and my medical insurance is junk, so I’ll be paying for this out of pocket (actually an HSA) if I decided to have it done. Worth doing or not?

Definately worth it! It will help you asses any problems that you may have or possibly incur by using AAS. And bloodwork shows more than just where your test levels are at. They show panels that will probably be affected by AAS use such as HDL/LDL levels.

And, do you really know what kind of condition your body is in, really? When was the last time you had some bloodwork done?

Point is, there are things that you may not be aware of until you actually see bloodwork results.

Ideally, one should have bloodwork done before, during, and after cycle. Most probably dont because of the high cost, but its a question of how big a risk are you willing to take.


Thanks for the info Jazz. Good point about the HDL/LDL; I didn’t think of that. I fixed my diet a few years back and have been taking an Omega 3 supp. But you’re right, I have no idea where things are at.

I already picked up the gear and I’m anxious to get started but I don’t want to screw myself either.

I understand about being anxious, however getting bloodwork done is pertinent if you are concerned about health risks.

There are alternative ways to get bloodwork done and getting levels checked. You may want to look into it a bit more. In some places you can get your cholesterol levels checked for free.