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Get Bigger (Fatter) or Start Caloric Deficit


Hiya haven't posted anything on here in a while.

I haven't been into lifting as much as usual
from beginning of Fall semester (end of august)
'til about two weeks ago.
I've worked hard so should have enough time to workout/plan everything
for rest of semester and if I study over break I should have a relatively
light spring semester so will have enough time to lift/diet seriously until

I want to get stupid lean this summer and should be able to do it right
this time. The pic attached is taken today I am 5'8 and 224-228 lbs. This is
the most I have ever weighed. I need some advice whether to keep on liberally
eating for another month-2 months than start counting calories or should I start a small deficit now.
I am aware I am quite fat (don't really care) but don't know if getting really fat
will help me get the results I want later on.

Thanks in advance.



You don't need to think about conscious deficits or cardio at this level of fatness. Just remove the junk food (yeah, all of it) and start eating home cooked whole foods (ie meat and potatoes) and working out 4x per week. You can get 3-4 months of mileage out of that alone.


If you plan on losing fat at a slow and steady pace to ensure maximum muscle retention, I'd start now. Better to be able to start eating more sooner than give yourself too little time and not be happy with how you look. Besides, small deficits are very easy to adhere to. Use the time you've got now instead of freaking out and having to really suffer later on.



Your goal is to get "stupid lean" but aren't sure if "getting really fat will you get the results you're after"?

Come on buddy :slightly_smiling:


Why would you ever have the intention of gaining fat? Also, to get "stupid" lean, you'd pry need to be in the 170's at most, so better get started with a minicut at least before the holidays!


Stanzanol !


Thanks for the guidance I will stop eating meals like the one above
(last night's dinner) and start dieting.
I have a long ways to go, I know what I need to do and have plenty
of material to reference from this site.

I'll check back in in April.


Here's another pic from today 11/11 @ 227 with a small shirt on.
Will take shirtless/same shirt photos and post in April.

Have to find a calorie calculator now.


Goodluck, im around 260 right now around 20%ish, but Im focused on strength, and a slow recomp if it happens. mabey you should keep a log, so some of bigger guys can see how you make out, and use it to our advantage when the lean bug bites. Latter


260 @ 20%ish is crazy muscle mass (I wish I was taller than 5'8).
I just logged back into an old fitday account so will be logging there
don't know if will have enough time to post on here too but will consider
and for sure will post back in April.


You don't necessarily have to stop eating meals like that (looks like brown pasta noodles and chicken?)

You can eat those kinda of meals and not gain tons of fat, just limit your portions. I had pasta just like that 3 or 4 times this week. You just need to control your portions and or do more in the gym.

IMO, the key is to not have an "all or nothing" approach. That works for some people but being overly restrictive can cause massive binges. Have your pizza, have your ice cream, have your couple of beers but just make sure that you don't do them too often. You are not prepping for a show that I know of so you don't need to eat talapia and broccoli 8 times a day 7 days a week.

Good luck!


Good advice gregron, most people i work with just want to look good naket, not be BBer's, so 10-12% you don't have to sacrifice like a BBer. No diets, just lifestyle changes, smaller portions, up calorie expending, be surpised, especialy when not in a rush. I brought a guy from 400 to 260 in a year, without anything drastic, and since it wasn't a diet, he could maintain for the rest of his life. Goodluck


Great post. 100% agree.

Eat a little less, do a little more and make sure what you're doing is sustainable long term.


This is probably one of the most insightful threads. Nice to visit a forum where people don't just automatically recommend or link to a specific diet. Just good ol fashioned lifestyle changes!


It's nice when guy give advice from what they know, and have seen work, with they're own eyes, rather than repeating what they've read somewhere else. This only perpetuates bad advice, if the original idea was wrong, but people (kids) believe it, and repost it, it begins to grow, and take on a life of it's own, bad advice I mean.

I won't even put a client on a program, unless I've spent some time doing it myself first, so why would I give advice I've never tried myself. i'm begining to think I'm the only one that thinks that way. Anyway goodluck OP

Example sentences
''So please don't perpetuate misunderstandings and ignorance. ''
For a start, like most elite groups they show a remarkable ability to perpetuate themselves.
He initially worried that the repeating might perpetuate this stereotype.


Just to piggy back on this. Sometimes it's as simple as just 1 small change. For a lot of people it could, soda, for example. Cutting the 1, 2, or 5 sodas you drink a day will have a drastic effect on your body months down the road.


I agree. Even something very minor like changing carb sources from wheat pasta to rice or replacing dairy for another P+F source can have an impact.

Ben Pakulski details this well.