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Get Big or Get Cut?


I played college footbal and trained heavily for over five years. I have not used any gear for over 2 years. I just started to get back in the flow about 6 months ago and started training heavily again. I have some excess fat that I want to get rid of. Should I take a cutting cyle then a bulking cycle or vise-verse? I want to do both, but lean muscle wise which one should I do first?


Usually people bulk first, then cut. My opinion is to bulk first.


What is ur height, weight, and bodyfat %?


What is ur height, weight, and bodyfat %?

I am 6'2" and weigh about 235. I would say my body fat is around 15%.


What is ur height, weight, and bodyfat %?

I am 6'2" and weigh about 235. I would say my body fat is around 15%.

I just calculated my body fat%, and it is 21%. Along with my first question: What type of diet would you reccomend?


Read Beradi(spelling),if you are at higher BF%,and at 21% you are,a bulking cycle will add 3pounds of fat for every 4 pounds you gain.If you are mainly trying to lose fat,go on a cutting cycle found on this site.T-dawg,Meltdown,Fat to fire,V-Diet are just a few effective programs I've tried that work kick ass.

P.S. just a warning,if you try V-Diet,do not do Fat to Fire or Meltdown,you will burn out in a few days or lose mucsle.


Hey man,
you're doing pretty well at 235 and 15% bodyfat. There are a few different routes you could take. I'd check out Berardis Precision Nutrition series and his newest article on G-Flux.

Also, check out Dr. Lowery's Temporal Nutrition and CT's Carb Cycling Codex. You're within striking distance of being pretty lean, so at this point, I'd say just take the time to get in the 10-12% bodyfat range. Once you get there, with all the strategies given in the articles I listed, you don't have to balloon up just to put on LBM.

Granted, you'll gain some bodyfat in a bulking phase, but if you give yourself a reasonable cut off point, like 15-16%, you'll always be relatively lean, and it won't take you forever to get pretty shredded either.

Also, I'd recommend trying Max Strength HOT-ROX, as it will definitely give you a boost. Do you know what kind of training split you'll be using yet? Good luck with your goals.