Get Big + Massive Eating

Has anyone tried using the calorie calculations from the Get Big diet with the meal combinations from Massive Eating? If so what results did you get? I’d like to jump straight into Massive eating but i think i’m going to need a bit of a breaking in period to get organised and used to the greater volume of food before going ‘Massive’ so this is why i’m going to take this approach at the moment.
Any ideas/comments you have on this would be helpfully.

I did the Get Big Diet and gained about 22 lbs. over 13 weeks or so. I didn’t do the massive eating meal combos (meals had Xg protein, Xg fat, Xg carb, all the same except post workout just P+C), so I gained a fair bit of fat (5-7 lbs or so). You’d probably gain less fat with massive eating, so I’d give it a shot if you want to work up to massive eating calories.