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This week’s new articles:

Apocalypse Now?
by TC

The end is nigh and it’s all Brad Pitt’s fault. Hmm, do you think Achilles really had a $30,000 set of pearly veneers and a waxed chest?

Consumer Report: Fat Burner Fraud!
by Chris Shugart

Two dirty tricks used by the makers of ephedra-free fat burners - EXPOSED!

Neanderthal No More
by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson

This article is like porn for kinesiologists. Talk geeky to me, baby.

15 Tips for Success
by Charles Staley

Staley drops some serious knowledge. Listen up if you want to be successful in life and in the gym!

Berardi’s Kitchen
by John M. Berardi

Take a peek inside JB’s fridge. When he’s not looking, do the same in his underwear drawer. Dude, leopard print “pouch” undies? Eeeew.

News and Feedback
by the editors

Running shoes for nerds, panties for fetishists, caffeine for java freaks, and a new bench for nekid people.

Boy you guys really scared me when I saw that front page! Literally my heart stopped!
I’ve read every issue since T-mag started cause Charles Poliquin told me about it a month before T-mag came out. My hands are still sweaty from the fright I got when I saw the all things must come to an end statement. Say it ain’t so!

P.S. TC, science cannot accurately predict the future because an apocolypse is a sudden change from the current pattern. That is one of the flaws in evolution. It assumes the past and future are the same as the present.
You can’t prove beyond a doubt one way or other. It always is a 50/50 split. In that case it is better to err on the side where your ass dosen’t get singed. LOL!

I swear my heart skipped a beat.

The U.S. is just falling short of barcoding humans. Hell the EMF is weakening, dumbass-george is looking for places to colonize in space, the christian right is very much starting to get its way or weilding its control over others more so now, and madonna has re-conditioned herself again. lol. The yr is 2012. The month December.

chubs…its more like the atheist left is getting their way slowly but surely…
believe me…as a christian we don’t want more control…a broken fallen world isn’t worth controlling…we just don’t want anyones rights infringed on…and YES…trying to ban low rise jeans and so forth is a stupid thing!

As a Louisianian, all I can say is I didn’t vote for those tools that proposed and support that legislation. Ypu know the end is near when a state’s gov is out to bust low rider pants and not fix the worst educational system in the country.

“Apocalypse Now?” was an excellent article.

Although, I’m not too sure about the Troy rant. I saw the movie and it was, no question, the most homoerotic movie I’ve seen… but some historians credit greeks with starting homoerotisism. So I dunno about it poorly portraying the time period :wink:

gotta agree with chubs on the religous right having its way. Bush certainly isn’t affraid to inject his religious bias - his campaign remark was that Jesus Christ was his “favorite political philosopher”

tune in to MSNBC, and you get a christian sermon every day, with christian leaders giving us advice on what to do next. Hell, even the US senate opens with a prayer and remarks from a priest.

Heightened FCC sensitivity, Howard Stern getting blocked, CBS buckling under pressure. I’ve never seen America so sensitive and prudish.

Oh well, just my perspective on it. I’m not quite at TC’s “end of the world” level yet.

PS- gotta say that brunette pic was a nice touch. Wouldn’t mind seeing her in every article =)

Great articles all around this week! I’ve printed three of them out already to pass around.

chubs108 and Phattie you are typing contradictions. Phattie, you talk about people in various positions praying or stating their religious beliefs being a bad thing and in the very next paragraph condemn the FCC and their censorship and treatment of Howard Stern, etc. If you can’t see the faulty logic in that then no amount of explanation from me will help. The religious right ( not the abortion doctor killing fanatics that I’m sure come to your mind ), just want to be left alone to live their life in a way they see fit, without the intrusion of a society and government that seeks a larger and larger amount of control over a cookie cutter population with a lemming mentality. So there.

I also freaked a little when I first saw the new graphic! Bottle that and you’ll have your ephedrine-like rush all the time.

I have to say the entire issue this week was pure and unadulterated quality. Whatever you guys have been doing/smoking/eating/reading had great results. Keep up the fine work!

My only beef is that I have to wait a few more weeks for the subsequent parts to some of this week’s articles. Bugger.


I can see your confusion. You’ve taken our use of “xxx-right” out of context. In a political context, it means supporting lack of government. However, outside of that conext, it means “extremely conservative.” (type in “far-right” in dictionary.com if you don’t believe me).

Anyway, I saw a PBS series on the rise of power from the religious right. Google it.

I just wanted to say what a great place this is, I recently got told about this site by a gentleman in my gym who had just had shoulder surgery. This place is a welcome change from all the other cookie cutter weightlifting mags available, the people here don’t seem to be afraid to talk about what it’s really about.

how in yourhell did I get dragged into this? theoretical philosophy points to the rise in Christian right. To fulfill the prohpecy of Meggido and the Apocolypse the religious right would push for a bigger war in the middle east. In other words I was bringing humor to pigs flying in the sky. Religious right does not want to be quiet and left alone. They are alive and not gonna sit down one more moment 'cause they can’t get their hands on some t-mags to burn. Religious right has done one thing clear, they’ve help spend billions on a war against chronics and tweakers, and the right has been losing.