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Get Big Diet

Guys, took your advice and have checked out the diets. I’ve been convinced that diet is the foundation for my goal! ( I’m 41, and wanting to put on some muscle.) I’m concerned about putting on fat…any feedback on this diet or recommendations on another one?

I’ve used the Get Big diet, and did put on over 22 lbs over 12 or 13 weeks…however, at least 7-10lbs were fat (not a great ratio). Get Big will give you more fat gain than John Berardi’s Massive Eating, so I’d go with Massive Eating if I were you. It requires more planning and dedication, but gives better results from what I’ve heard (I’ve been using maintenance/don’t diet calory levels with Massive Eating meal combinations and will be bulking with Massive Eating in a couple weeks).

What specific diet are you concerned about? Massive Eating?

I see now: Get Big Diet. Okay…well, then consider the Massive Eating diet.

Patricia ;-)